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Chapter 128:  Smile More in Front of Your Wife

Tasting the familiar flavor triggered many old memories for Song Wuyou.

“It’s delicious, it almost tastes the same as… the one I made.” Song Wuyou felt her throat itch and her nose become sour.

“I baked it in mud.”

The corners of Song Wuyou’s lips arched into a weak smile,  “It enhances the flavor when it’s cooked like that.”

“Do you like it?” Mu Gu asked.

“En.” Song Wuyou nodded.

“Eat more if you like it.” Mu Gu seemed to be in a very good mood.

“I’m afraid I can’t.”

“Why?” Surprised, Mu Gu asked again.

“I have high fever.” Song Wuyou admitted helplessly.

“For real?” Mu Gu’s hand extended to feel the temperature on her forehead with natural familiarity. Just as his hand brushed her skin, he pulled back staring at her: “It’s burning!”

“Forty degrees.”

“Why didn’t you say so earlier?” Mu Gu was upset, “If you’d said so, I wouldn’t have let you eat chicken meat [1].”

“Just a small piece, nothing will happen.” Song Wuyou laughed, “But I felt sorry for your thoughts.”

Mu Gu grinned unconcerned, “Not at all. I’m sure Ah Hao hasn’t eaten anything, so we’ll leave it for him. When you get better, I’ll make it for you again.”

“I’ll make it after she gets well!” Gu Yanhao had probably heard Mu Gu’s words since his face was black as a pot’s bottom as he walked in.

“You can’t even make noodles, how are you going to make Beggar’s Chicken?” Mu Gu couldn’t resist taking him down a peg.

Song Wuyou had a tiny frown on her forehead as she watched Gu Yanhao. Why is this man’s face so black?

Gu Yanhao put down the porridge he brought back, his eyes glancing at the chicken Mu Gu brought and Song Wuyou’s lips. Seeing her lips were stained with some oil, shining temptingly, Gu Yanhao was discontent as he looked at her, “You ate chicken meat?”

Song Wuyou nodded, “En.”

“You do know that you have a fever?!” Gu Yanhao’s sharp eyes seemed to pierce her, and those cold eyes contained anger.

“Just a small piece.” Song Wuyou protested simply.

Gu Yanhao turned towards Mu Gu, “Take your chicken meat and go home.”

“You eat.” Seeing Gu Yanhao’s face become blacker by the second, even he doesn’t want to stay any longer.

He got up and smiled brilliantly at Song Wuyou, “Wuyou, I’m leaving first. I’ll visit you again when I’m free.”

Mu Gu’s bright smile infected her, and she too smiled back happily at him, “En, careful on the way.”

Gu Yanhao continued to watch their interaction with a black face. Looking at the way they smiled at each other he wondered,  are they so familiar with each other?

“Ah Hao, I’ll leave the chicken here for you.” Mu Gu walked over, patting Gu Yanhao’s shoulder as he flashed his trademark smile, “You should smile more in front of your wife.”

“……….” What the fuck has it got to do with you whether I smile or not?

After Mu Gu left, Gu Yanhao cleaned up the container Mu Gu brought and left the room.

Song Wuyou watched his back, feeling a little dumbfounded. Is he taking them to eat outside?

Moments later, Gu Yanhao returned, empty handed.

Song Wuyou asked, “You finished eating that fast?”

“I’ve always avoided eating food that tastes bad,” Gu Yanhao snapped coldly.

“Tastes bad?” Song Wuyou’s brows creased slightly. She thought the chicken was good.  She shot him a cold look, muttering under her breath, “Your tastes are so strange.”

Gu Yanhao’s eyes contained a hint of jealousy that Song Wuyou failed to notice as he observed her, “You’re very familiar with Mu Gu?”

“No. But there’s a feeling of familiarity.” Song Wuyou replied.

“What does that mean?”  Song Wuyou looked at Gu Yanhao as if he was an idiot. This man, can’t he understand the meaning of ‘sense of familiarity?”

“It’s like we’ve known each other for a long time.” Song Wuyou explained briefly.



[1] It is an old Chinese belief that people who are sick with coughs and fever shouldn’t eat chicken meat because it will worsen the illness, as opposed to the Western belief that chicken soup helps cure everything.

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