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Chapter 129: Song Wuyou’s Identity

Hearing her answer, the air around Gu Yanhao suddenly turned colder. “Like you’ve known each other for a long time?” A cold voice came through gritted teeth as he repeated the sentence.

Song Wuyou smiled innocently, “Being with him is more comfortable than being with you.”

That sentence only served to darken Gu Yanhao’s already gloomy phoenix eyes.


Song Wuyou’s recovery progressed well, thus after spending one week in the hospital she was discharged. The hospital was close to Mu Gu’s ranch, but Gu Yanhao refused to return to the ranch after Song Wuyou was discharged. Instead he drove, sending Song Wuyou back to his River Emperor Villa in the city because in this one whole week, Mu Gu came to visit Song Wuyou practically every-single-day. Watching them gaily talking  day in and day out, Gu Yanhao’s chest felt stuffy, especially when he thought of the remark she’d made that being with Mu Gu was more comfortable than being with him. Remembering that made Gu Yanhao feel as if his lungs were about to explode!

He forbid them to meet up in the future! However, the universe backfires on you the more you try to force your way. Five days after returning to the villa, Gu Yanhao received an invitation. At the end of the month was Mu Xin’s twentieth birthday. Mu Gu loved this sole younger sister of his dearly, preparing to hold a grand birthday party for her.

Gu Yanhao and Song Wuyou’s names were both printed on the invitation. After reading it, Gu Yanhao casually threw it into the rubbish bin with a cool flick of his wrist. In his opinion, Mu Gu inviting him to Mu Xin’s birthday party was just an excuse. Wanting to see Song Wuyou was his real intention.

Hell and damnation! This Mu Gu dared to covet his woman? Gu Yanhao leaned back lazily against the sofa, one long lean leg crossed over the other. He tilted his head, looking up to the floor above. His eyes darkened as he did soㅡSong Wuyou…

Ah De walked into the room holding a dossier in his hand. Seeing Gu Yanhao lost in thought on the sofa, he debated whether or not he should call out to him. Ah De’s eyes trailed Gu Yanhao’s gaze; hehe, that’s the floor above. No doubt, Ah De was a smart person. He already knew why his Young Master was lost in thought. It was just that Ah De didn’t understand when his Young Master became so concerned about the Young Madam?

After hesitating a third time, Ah De finally stepped up, lightly calling out “Young Master,”

Since Young Master was concerned about Young Madam, he must be very interested in things related to her.

Hearing Ah De calling him, Gu Yanhao slowly retrieved his gaze, shooting Ah De a cold look.

“Young Madam and Mrs. Jier’s DNA result is out.” Seeing Gu Yanhao was no longer lost in thought, he went straight to the point and handed the report over.

Gu Yanhao took the dossier anxiously, pulling the report from within. He cared not for the process, just the result. His eyes swiftly fell onto the results column, and the figured printed above made him narrow his eyes.  Song Wuyou and Mrs. Jier were actually―

Undisguisable shock swirled in Gu Yanhao’s pupils. “What is the connection between Mrs. Jier and Yang Xiaolan?” It took some time for Gu Yanhao to calm down and ask the question.

As if he were well prepared in advance, Ah De answered, “Yang Xiaolan was originally a wealthy family’s daughter and was on good terms with Mrs. Jier. The Yang Family faced bankruptcy later. Father Yang died jumping off a building due to debt, whereas Mother Yang remarried. Thus the twenty-year-old Yang Xiaolan went out to work to survive. Because of the hatred towards the family, no company dared to hired Yang Xiaolan.”


“Under financial duress, Yang Xiaolan had no other choice but to work at a nightclub as a hostess. Yang Xiaolan was quite a looker and had a great body, so when Song Nan saw her, he was totally fascinated with her.”


“To escape her hostess life, Yang Xiaolan become Song Nan’s mistress.”

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