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Chapter 130: Song Wuyou’s Identity (2)


“Song Nan treated Yang Xiaolan very well. When he found out she was pregnant, he specifically hired a nanny to take care of her daily life. Finally, without Mrs. Song’s knowledge, Yang Xiaolan gave birth to a female infant.”


“Unfortunately, the female infant contracted severe meningitis and died three days after birth because the diagnosis and treatment was made too late. At this time Mrs. Jier, who hadn’t been in the picture for a long time, reappeared with a one week old baby girl, Song Nan was on a business trip in England in the period immediately before Yang Xiaolan gave birth, therefore Song Nan was unaware that his infant daughter was born and had died soon after.”

“The female infant brought over by Mrs. Jier to replace the dead infant as Song Nan’s daughter, was she Song Wuyou?” Gu Yanhao asked the obvious.

Ah De nodded as he looked at Gu Yanhao: “Yes.”

Gu Yanhao’s fingers slightly crumpled the report in his hand. He coldly stated: “The DNA report confirmed Mrs. Jier and Song Wuyou’s parental connection as mother and daughter.”

“……….” Ah De remained quiet, for he knew at times like this that there was a latter part to what his Young Master had to say.

It was just as Ah De predicted. Gu Yanhao raised his head and glanced at Ah De as he questioned, “The man? Who was the man that got Mrs. Jier pregnant?”

Ah De: “According to my investigation, before Mrs. Jier gave birth, she was already General Cheng’s fiancée. At that time Mrs. Jier had no feelings towards General Cheng, the one she liked was the late President. Unfortunately, the late President was already married, but she was willing to have an underground affair with him,”

Gu Yanhao cocked an eyebrow, “Meaning  Song Wuyou is the late President and Mrs. Jier’s daughter?”

Ah De dared not guarantee the matter, “Because the late President has died and his remains were cremated, there is no way to obtain his DNA for testing.”

“Doesn’t he have a son who is being held in the psychiatric ward?”

Guilt rose in Ah De’s face upon hearing that, “Thanks for Young Master’s reminder.”

Gu Yanhao’s face sank, “Use your brain more in dealing with matters.”

Ah De lowered his head, “I’ve learned my lesson, Young Master.”

Gu Yanhao tilted his head sideways, his cold eyes sweeping over Ah De as he sneered, “Instead of thinking things through with your lower part.”

Ah De wanted to cry in his heart after hearing that: I didn’t, Young Master!


Song Wuyou sat on the bed in a daze. Or more accurately, she was thinking about life. She didn’t like the feeling of idleness. In her opinion, it was no different to being a zombie.

Gu Yanhao walked in and caught her in a daze. He looked at her intently. He stood next to her, head lowered, looking at her.

What was she thinking so deeply about?

“Song Wuyou, we’re going to the hospital for a checkup, and then out for a meal.” Gu Yanhao said.

“………..” No response came from her.

“What are you thinking about?” Gu Yanhao suddenly wanted to know more about her inner world.


Gu Yanhao frowned, pupils darkened. What was she thinking?

“Song Wuyou!” Gu Yanhao raised his tone.


What could she be thinking currently, enough for her to ignore him? The feeling of being ignored and treated indifferently was truly nasty.

No choice. Gu Yanhao knuckled Song Wuyou on the forehead. And he didn’t do it lightly.

Finally, Song Wuyou jolted back to the present. One hand rubbed her pained forehead while tilting her head up to look at Gu Yanhao, greatly discontented, “Why did you hit me?”

Gu Yanhao shot her a cold gaze, “Do you know how many words I’ve said to you?”   

Song Wuyou snickered with contempt, “Did I beg you to talk to me? You saw me sitting here thinking about life matters, but you came over to talk with me anyway. Don’t you have too much time on your hands?”

Curiosity piqued, “Thinking about life?”

“Can’t I?”

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