ENH C131

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Chapter 131:  He Doesn’t Want His  Wife to Appear Lesser than Other Women

“You needn’t think about your life,” Gu Yanhao said as he sat down in front of her.

“I don’t like this idle feeling.” Song Wuyou looked indifferently at the man in front of her. The days spent locked up in the Cold Palace in her past life were a torment. Waiting for a day to pass felt like a century long. Empty, colorless, barren, desolate, cold, unspoken pain. But she had no choice. She was unable to flee.

But things were different now. This world was much richer and freer. She could use work to fill her senseless idle days, therefore she felt it was time for her to go out and work. But…the original host was a lazy bum with no skills, making her options limited to Anmei Group and Gu Group. She was just considering this matter, should she go to Anmei Group or enter Gu Group?

Gu Yanhao looked up, his hand reaching out to hold her chin lightly with a faint curve on his lips, “I promised to let you in Gu Group. I never go back on my word.” The cast on her left arm was about to be taken off, but it hadn’t fully healed. For the time being, she couldn’t actually ‘work.’

Song Wuyou reciprocated his faint smile, “What if I choose Anmei Group instead?”

His eyes darkened sharply. His voice carried a hint of danger as he countered, “You can try!”


The Mrs. Jier whom Gu Yanhao had mentioned was also invited by Mu Gu to attend his sister’s party. Changing his mind, Gu Yanhao made a call to Mu Gu.

Gu Yanhao: “I want an invitation to Mu Xin’s birthday party.”

Mu Gu: “Didn’t I just give you one?”

Gu Yanhao: “I threw it away.”

Mu Gu: “Threw it away? Ah Hao, aren’t you too rude to me and Mu Xin?”

Gu Yanhao: “…..”

Mu Gu: “Regardless, we have been brothers for so long! The Mu Family thirty years ago had wealth comparable to a country!”

Gu Yanhao: ”You dare to bring up something that happened thirty years ago?”

Mu Gu: “Why wouldn’t I dare? An event organized by me and Mu Xin, other than those we didn’t invite, who wouldn’t come to show their face?! Even the President and the General’s families would give our Mu Family some face and come. You’ve got guts to tell me you threw away my invitation!”

Gu Yanhao: “Are you giving or not?”

Mu Gu: “Give, give, give! I’ll even send it over myself!”  He was about to prostrate before this man. Before he hung up, Mu Gu asked, “Wuyou didn’t come down with the flu or a fever, right?”

Gu Yanhao’s face turned frosty: “Do I need you to check on my wife?”

Mu Gu: “I’m not checking on her, I’m concerned about her.”

“Wuyou is your wife, but she and I are friends.”

“Who’s friend with you?” You probably have hidden intentions!

“Wuyou and I are friends.”

“I’ll send Ah De to collect the invitation,” Gu Yahao stated firmly, in case he comes over here and refuses to leave.

“Stingy.” Mu Gu absolutely despised this version of Gu Yanhao.

Just as he hung up, he noticed Song Wuyou was standing at the staircase. Her hands were behind her back as she walked with graceful steps and an elegant demeanor, sending Gu Yanhao into a trance as he looked at her.

“Next week I’ll bring you to attend Mu Xin’s birthday party.” Gu Yanhao’s eyes roamed over Song Wuyou while thinking what kind of evening dress would look nice on her.


“En,” Gu Yanhao asked, “What color of clothes do you like?”

Song Wuyou looked at him, “Why are you asking?”

Depressed, Gu Yanhao said, “Of course it’s to get you an evening dress.”

Every year, Mu Xin’s birthday party was held on a grand scale. Those invited were the higher echelons of society and important officials. He doesn’t want to his wife to appear as being lesser than other women.

“No need.” Song Wuyou answered straightforwardly.

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