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Chapter 132: Let Everyone See Song Wuyou’s True Face

“What ’No need’? Do you have an evening dress?” Gu Yanhao looked cold and stern.

“I know how to make one.”

“You won’t make it, the party’s next week.”

“………” Song Wuyou frowned, lowering her eyes to look at her casted left arm.

It was as if Gu Yanhao had predicted her actions. His voice softened as he soothed, “Three more days, and then you can remove the cast.”

“Purple.” Song Wuyou stated.

“Okay.” Gu Yanhao replied and went on to make a call.  “Balenciaga’s latest arrival, and send everything in purple over to me.” He added an afterthought, “Other than Song Jiuyue’s designs.”

This made Song Wuyou who was listening feel surprised as she looked at Gu Yanhao.  He isn’t letting her wear clothes Song Jiuyue designed? Song Wuyou’s eyes grew cold. He thinks she isn’t qualified to wear clothes designed by Song Jiuyue? After all, Song Jiuyue’s name was famous in the fashion industry.

Gu Yanhao finished his instructions and ended the call. He noticed at the mention of Song Jiuyue’s name, her eyes grew cold in an instant. He looked at her seriously, “Song Jiuyue will be attending the party.”

“En.” a single syllable reply from her.

“If you go wearing her design, with that arrogant trait in her character she would definitely try to show off and feel complacent about it.”

There was ridicule in the faint smile she gave Gu Yanhao, “So, you’re doing this for me?”

A mysterious smile appeared on Gu Yanhao’s face, “What do you think?”


Dajie, I just got news that Song Wuyou will also be coming to Mu Xin’s birthday party.” Song Jiumei stormed into Song Jiuyue’s room angrily.

Song Jiuyue was admiring her new design when Song Jiumei’s voice suddenly broke her mood, causing her to feel slightly ticked off. Putting down the dress in her hand, she turned around and glared at Song Jiumei, “Can you not shriek and scream every time something happens?”

Song Jiumei’s heart palpitated from Song Jiuyue’s sharp glare. Pursing her lips she protested weakly, “I just wanted to let you know Song Wuyou is also going to Mu Xin’s birthday party?”

Song Jiuyue snapped, “And so? Do you take me for a fool? I can’t even guess that Song Wuyou will be attending Mu Xin’s birthday party?”

Song Jiumei was surprised, “Dajie, you already knew beforehand?”

“Young Master Gu and Mu Gu are good friends, and at the moment, Young Master Gu is enchanted by Song Wuyou. Do you think he wouldn’t bring her if he’s going?” Song Jiuyue was like a scorned woman.

Dajie, then what do we do?” Song Jiumei looked at Song Jiuyue, “Are we just going to let Song Wuyou gloat in front of everyone?”

“Of course not!” A vicious light flickered past Song Jiuyue’s eyes, “Hearsay is that Mu Gu invited a lot of big names this time. I want to grasp this opportunity to show everyone Song Wuyou’s true face!”

Thinking back to when she had to run naked next to Mu Gu on the ranch, Song Jiuyue gnashed her teeth with hatred.  This humiliation, she will definitely pay Song Wuyou back an eye for an eye!

Dajie, you have a way?” Song Jiumei’s eyes lit up as she watched Song Jiuyue with anticipation.

Song Jiuyue looked at Song Jiumei as ideas ran through her head. After what seemed like half a day she said, “Do according to what I’ve said, prepare…”

Listening to the end of Song Jiuyue’s plans and methods, a wicked light shone in Song Jiumei’s eyes. The corners of her lips curved in a sinister smile, “Wonderful, Dajie, just leave everything to me.” Then Song Jiumei’s sight fell onto the dress lying on the bed, she noted, “Dajie, the design of this dress looks somewhat similar to the championship winning dress design.”

“I don’t know who the designer for that dress was, I just made a copy as a present for Mu Xin.”

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