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Chapter 133: Do People Really Do Have A Past and Present Life?

Song Jiumei picked the dress up from the bed with admiration, “It’s almost a carbon copy of that dress.”

Song Jiuyue raised her chin with proud complaceny, “I’m skilled in making dresses. Of course my work is good, even if it is a copy.”

“Mu Xin will like it very much,” Song Jiumei declared with a bright smile.

“I cannot be too bothered whether she likes it or not.”

“Mu Gu said she liked the champion’s design very much, but no one knows who that person is.”

Song Jiuyue had a distant look of longing on her face, “If I knew who that person was, I would definitely want to learn about retro design from her.”

Song Jiumei smiled, “That’s right. Gu Group has been focusing on retro designs for the last two years. If you could shine in this area as well, Young Master Gu would definitely be surprised by your talents in this area.”

Mu Xin’s birthday party was held on a beautifully decorated, luxurious yacht. The guests were all influential people from the highest levels of society, for Mu Gu’s grandfather had been a General of high caliber. Moreover, Mu Xin’s boyfriend was General Cheng’s son. Most of the guests attending were there to give Old General Mu and General Cheng face.

The party was in full swing from the very start. Lively conversations could be heard inside the salons and outside on the decks of the yacht. Today’s protagonist, Mu Xin, was dressed in a full white princess-style gown. She held a champagne flute between her fingers as she welcomed the guests, a brilliant smile hanging on her face as she received many good wishes from them. Mu Xin was beautiful; every action exuded grace, every ray of her smile was charming and captured the hearts of her guests.

Song Wuyou entered with a tiny smile on her face, holding onto Gu Yanhao’s arm. Gu Yanhao was socializing with his associates while she was staring at the beaming Mu Xin. How can this world seem so magical?

The first time she laid eyes on Mu Xin, she was stunned on the spot. Mu Xin looked just like her younger brother’s wife in her past life! That posture, that charming smile, it was as if the same person was standing in front of her. Watching Mu Xin, Song Wuyou felt like she was transported back for a moment.

At that time, her sister-in-law was expecting, and her entire family was awaiting the little monkey’s arrival with joyful hearts. But because of her, the entire family was punished. No offspring of her clan survived… including the little bun inside her sister-in-law’s belly.

Song Wuyou was a little absent-minded as she stared at Mu Xin.

“What are you thinking?” Suddenly, Gu Yanhao’s rich husky voice sounded in her ear, coiling around her eardrums as wisps of warm breath brushed against her earlobe, sending a shiver down her back involuntarily.

Song Wuyou retracted her gaze from Mu Xin and shot Gu Yanhao a side look, “Not thinking about anything.”

Her secretive manner made Gu Yanhao’s eyes darkened and created an uncomfortable feeling in his heart.

“You don’t like that I brought you to attend this kind of event?” Gu Yanhao asked in a serious tone while looking at her. She used to dream about going out with him.

“It’s not that,” Song Wuyou shook her head and took another quick look at Mu Xin. At this moment, Mu Xin was welcoming a beautiful, classy looking woman dressed in a navy blue qipao, her tresses piled high in a chignon, and an elegant crystal necklace encircled her neck and complimented the pair of crystal earrings on her earlobes.

Demure and dignified, exuding a noble, classy temperament from head to toe.

Gu Yanhao too looked over. An unfathomable smile spread across his face as he whispered to Song Wuyou, “That’s Mrs. Jier.”

“Oh,” Song Wuyou acknowledged his introduction.

“Do you want to go over and say hello to her?”

“No.” There wasn’t any good feeling towards this Mrs. Jier in Song Wuyou.

“Mu Xin’s boyfriend is Mrs. Jier’s son.”

Song Wuyou was shocked, “Mu Xin already has a boyfriend? Isn’t she studying in University?”

Gu Yanhao laughed at her indulgently, “You can still have a boyfriend even if you’re in University.”

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