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Chapter 135: Turned Into the Protagonist in Today’s Party

“I did not see the scene myself. I only saw the live television broadcast, but this dress is truly similar to the one that won the championship.”

designer of that dress, it couldn’t be Miss Song, right?”

“I heard that this year the Gu Group broke into the European and American markets with retro-styled designs, and that each piece of their work was top quality.”

“If you say it like this, then the designer of the championship dress really must be Miss Song.”

In the middle of their conversation, the beautiful woman, dressed from top-to-toe in extravagance, suddenly saw Song Jiuyue. “Miss Song, the fashion competition’s championship dress, did you really design it?

“I can tell she did. After all, this dress is so similar to the other one.” Song Jiuyue was considering how to answer them when another lady interjected with a reply. Song Jiuyue’s beautiful face hung an elegant smile. When they started their conversation, almost all eyes at the scene had been staring at her. Song Jiuyue wanted to state that she was not the designer of the championship dress, but when she looked up, she saw that everyone wore an expectant expression while gazing at her.  Even Mu Xin had a worshipping expression on her face. Her vain heart took over. She felt that today she had turned into the protagonist of the party.

Just as she was about to answer them, she noticed Gu Yanhao’s figure.

Song Wuyou held his arm as she stood not far away, staring at her. Gu Yan Hao’s eyes were as dark as ink, the look in his eyes was profound and unfathomable. Song Jiuyue could not tell what he was thinking, but Song Wuyou standing beside him seemed to question her obviously with her gaze, ‘Are you really the designer of the championship dress?’

Seeing that expression made Song Jiuyue’s heart uncomfortable.

“The rights to that dress belong to the Gu Group. I didn’t feel it was polite to give it to Mu Xin, so I redesigned one myself. Song Jiuyue withdrew her line of sight from Gu Yanhao and smiled at the group of women standing in front of her.

“Didn’t I just say it? Only Jiuyue is talented enough to design such a wonderful dress.” Mu Xin held the dress as she looked at Song Jiuyue with worship: “Jiuyue, you’re too modest!”

“Miss Song is indeed the fashion industry’s most talented woman.”

Song Jiuyue was very happy being praised by everyone. Her sense of vanity had been fulfilled to the highest, but her face displayed a properly humble smile.

She deliberately stole a glance at Gu Yanhao and Song Wuyou. Seeing that Gu Yanhao’s expression was exactly the same as before and did not really change, she let out a sigh of relief. She was afraid that Gu Yanhao might’ve been angry at her lies, but when she saw Song Wuyou’s expression of surprise, Song Jiuyue raised her chin high. There was a trace of arrogance and pride in her face as she walked swiftly past.

Song Wuyou, do you see it? So what if you have a beautiful face and a gorgeous body?  The position of a talented goddess is a seat you will never be able to sit on. Even if you are Gu Yanhao’s wife, you will never be showered with praise and worship.

Song Wuyou slightly leaned her head towards Gu Yanhao. Her face hung a shallow smile as she softly asked: “The champion of the clothing competition has the right to sell their own product. When were the rights bought by the Gu Group?”

Gu Yanhao tilted his head and looked at her with a smile that wasn’t exactly a smile, “When you are willing to sell, that is when it will be bought.”

Song Wuyou sighed helplessly and sadly: “Now everyone thinks the dress was designed by Song Jiuyue. If I sell it to you, they won’t believe that I was one the who designed it.”

The corners of Gu Yanhao’s lips arched up, revealing a smile that was impossible for others to see through, “Did you not wrap the dress yourself to be gifted to Mu Xin?”

Song Wuyou nodded: “Yes ah, it has been sent.” It was just that all of the birthday gifts that Mu Xin received had been placed in a small room on the yacht and had not been opened yet.

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