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Chapter 136: A Wonderful Surprise of a Birthday Present

The corners of Gu Yanhao’s lips tilted up at the ends: “After Mu Xin sees your gift, she may be even happier.”

“Miss Song, where did you get the inspiration to design that wonderful dress?”

“Miss Song, my engagement party is in three months and I would like to invite you to attend. Can I commission you to design a similar dress for me?”

“Jiuyue, can you see what kind of dress will suit my appearance? Can you help me design one please? It doesn’t matter how much it costs, as long as it is designed by you.”

After everyone knew that the award winning design was Song Jiuyue’s creation, they all circled around and fawned over her, hoping that she would design a beautiful custom-made dress for them. Song Jiuyue was fully enjoying the feeling of the celebrity-like attention she was getting. Her vanity had gotten a huge amount of satisfaction. Even Mrs. Jier came up and requested that Song Jiuyue design a qipao for her.

Song Jiuyue was very flattered that Mrs. Jier had taken the initiative to invite her to design a qipao.  She immediately ‘warmed up’ to Mrs. Jier, “I heard rumors that Mrs. Jier was beautifully dignified. Now that I’ve finally seen you in person, I can’t believe that Mrs. Jier is even more beautiful than I had imagined. I believe that after you wear the qipao, it will look even more attractive. ”

“The next time you’re free, come over to my house to get the measurements.” Mrs. Jier said as she showed her beautiful and composed smile.

Song Jiuyue nodded and gracefully said, “Yes, I will find time to help you tailor a fitting qipao.”

Song Jiuyue and Mrs. Jier’s conversation made everyone around them envious. The eyes staring at Song Jiuyue were filled with admiration and worship.

The present president was Mrs. Jier’s husband’s blood-related brother. The president had married late, and below his knee he only had one daughter who was nine years old this year. (TN: xi-xia: at the knee is referring to children, a word commonly used by grandparents) The president’s brother, General Cheng Yaoqiang, and Mrs. Jier had three sons. The second son was Mu Xin’s boyfriend, the eldest son was an official at the embassy, and the youngest son was studying in the United Kingdom. The President held the eldest son of Mrs. Jier in high regard. Everyone knew that when the President eventually stepped down, Mrs. Jier’s eldest son would take over his position,t herefore all these ladies hoped to become closer to Mrs. Jier.

Mrs. Jier, however, was very particular about whom she mingled with. Now that Song Jiuyue has received an invitation from her, it seems that she really does favour Song Jiuyue.  Even Song Jiumei standing beside her sister was envious of Song Jiuyue. Mrs. Jier politely chatted with Song Jiuyue for a while and then found a quiet place to sit and rest.

Mu Xin happily held onto Song Jiuyue, “Jiuyue, let’s go to the back to try on this dress, I really do like it very much. Say, if I wear this dress, will I look pretty?”

“Of course you’ll look pretty. I specifically tailored this dress to suit you,” Song Jiuyue laughed.

“Miss Mu Xin, this is something an esteemed guest wanted me to send you.” Just as Song Jiuyue was ready to leave with Mu Xin to try the dress on under everyone’s envious stares, the manager responsible for the party’s guests carried a box over and informed a happy and delighted Mu Xin.

“What is it?” Mu Xin asked beforehand on reflex.

The manager laughed: “The other person said that this would be your favourite birthday gift.”.

Mu Xin was puzzled: “My favourite birthday present in the end?”

Was her favourite birthday present if not the dress Song Jiuyue had sent her?   This was a limited edition dress that no amount of money could buy. This was the best dress she had ever received.

“The other person said if you open it right now, you will be very pleasantly surprised,” the manager insisted once again.

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