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Chapter 137: Face Slap (1) *aka Bitch Slap*

“Oh.” Mu Xin gave the dress in her hands to Song Jiuyue to hold. She took the beautifully packaged box into her hands, her heart filled with doubts. It had been offered so mysteriously, what kind of present was it in the end?

Song Wuyou stood not far away as she calmly watched Mu Xin.

Mu Xin took the lid off the box and a very familiar colour fell into her gaze. Due to school, she was unable to personally attend the fashion competition, however, she had watched the recording repeatedly. It could be said that she was very much in love with the winning dress design. She had even downloaded a photo of the dress and used the picture as her phone wallpaper.

The color and the pattern of the dress looked very familiar to her. Seeing the dress lying in the box, Mu Xin first stared blankly at it, then her expression quickly turned into shock.

Wasn’t that the dress she liked?!

Mu Xin’s heart suddenly leaped out of her chest. She quickly took the dress out, throwing away the box in the process.  When the dress was lifted from the box, it was as if it a captive mystical peacock had been given freedom to flaunt its magical feathers.


“So beautiful!”

The moment the dress was shaken out by Mu Xin, the scene was in an uproar.

“What a beautiful dress!”

When Song Jiuyue’s gaze fell on it, her entire demeanour stiffened. Her eyes widened as if they were about to fall off her face.  This dress… it couldn’t be… it couldn’t be… Impossible!

This dress, how could it be here?

Then the person who had designed this dress was also attending the party?

Song Jiuyue’s face suddenly became very pale.

Song Jiumei was also stunned by the sudden emergence of this dress but she was the first to recover, her voice calling out in alarm, “Dajie, what is going on?” Song Jiumei’s words woke up everyone at the scene. Their gaze left the dress one by one and fell onto Song Jiuyue. At the receiving end of their gazes, Song Jiuyue’s expression turned even uglier.

Mu Xin looked earnestly at Song Jiuyue: “Jiuyue, you’re giving this to me?”

“I … …” Song Jiuyue looked around, her heart clenched tightly in her chest.  She didn’t dare say that the dress was designed by her again without knowing if the owner of this dress was at the scene.

“There is a card in here.” At this time, a woman picked up the box Mu Xin had thrown away. She picked it up, handing it to Mu Xin.

When Song Jiuyue saw the card, her entire body trembled in response. It was as if she had stolen something and had been caught on the spot, that kind of flustered feeling.

Mu Xin took the card and read the line of words out loud.

「To the most beautiful Miss Mu Xin,

From: Carefree Without Worries*」

“This Carefree Without Worries,” some people questioned, “Who is that?”.

“I know! It’s the model that was wearing that dress at the clothing competition!”

“Yes! I remember that the model said that the dress was her design and that she had even personally tailored it.” The woman in the red dress said and then turned to look at the not-so-calm Song Jiuyue, “At that time, Miss Song sat in the audience. Her designs were also entered in the competition, and in the end she won third place.

When Mu Xin heard their words, she stared at Song Jiuyue, dumbfounded. “Jiuyue, this dress wasn’t designed by you?” As Mu Xin asked this question, the gazes that fell on Song Jiuyue were no longer filled with envy and worship.  Instead, they had a trace of ridicule in them.

Song Jiuyue, after all, was someone who had encountered all types of situations in society. She laughed awkwardly and attempted to conceal the embarrassed expression on her face, “I did not say that this dress was designed by me.” Indeed, from the beginning to the end, she had never stated that this dress had been designed by her.

“But you said that the right to sell this dress belonged to the Gu Group. How did this dress appear here?” The woman in the red dress spoke again.



*Wuyou Wulu- an idiom, Song Wuyou is playing it off her name. Wuyou mean without worries.

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