ENH C138

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Chapter 138: Face Slap (2) *aka Bitch Slap*

It became harder for Song Jiuyue to hold herself together, but she still kept smiling: “The design rights to this dress really do belong to the Gu Group.”

“Why do I think you’re lying?” The woman in the red dress had a slightly scornful expression.

“From what I’ve seen, everything she said before was to make us mistakenly think that she was the one who designed that dress.” A friend who had come with the woman in the red dress also revealed a scornful expression.

“Even daring to say that the winning dress was designed by her, I really don’t know if the usual top-designs sold by the Gu Group are really designed by Song Jiuyue.” One by one, everyone started to discuss this issue.

“This is hard to say. After all, Song Jiuyue’s name is very influential in the design industry., In order to increase sales, branding her name on everything seems to be okay.”


Hearing these words, a “boom” sound went off in Song Jiuyue’s head- as if something had exploded inside her brain. Her smile was already very stiff.  “Gu Group’s top designs were all created by my hands!” Song Jiuyue stressed, “The rights to the championship dress all belong to the Gu Group. It just doesn’t have my name on it!”

“The rights to this dress have never belonged to the Gu Group.” Suddenly, a cold low voice interrupted her words. When everyone heard this voice, all of their gazes fell onto the voice’s owner. All they could see was Gu Yanhao standing coldly behind Song Jiuyue. His deep and sharp eyes stared as cold as ice at Song Jiuyue: “Song Jiuyue, as a Gu Group employee, do you not know the Gu Group’s rules?”

When Song Jiuyue heard his words, another “boom” sound exploded in her mind. Her back began to stiffen as her body trembled, she did not dare to look back at Gu Yanhao.

“Young Master Gu, the rights to this dress really don’t belong to the Gu Group?” The woman in the red dress asked.

Gu Yanhao replied coldly: “If the rights really belonged to the Gu Group, would I let the other person send it to Mu Xin as a gift?”

“Ahhhh~.” The woman in the red dress deliberately exaggerated her reaction as she looked at Song Jiuyue, “So it turns out Miss Song was actually lying.”

“This is not the way to take credit of some else’s work.

“Even pretending to be the designer of the winning dress.”

Everyone fell into a burst of discussion as Song Jiuyue’s face finally crumbled. She turned around and looked at Gu Yanhao with a grieved expression.

Why? Why did he expose her in front of so many people?

After all, she was the Gu Group’s chief designer, and her leading designs had earned the Gu Group a lot of money these past few years. Even damaging a woman’s reputation? On account of everything she’s done for him, couldn’t he leave her some face? Song Jiuyue felt sad and wronged.

Mu Xin was very disappointed. She had always worshipped Song Jiuyue. Why would she lie? Mu Xin carried the dress as she turned to walk away without a word. The surrounding people that had been watching the lively show had also left, but their gazes that glanced at Song Jiuyue had completely changed.

When Song Wuyou saw this scene, her face revealed a proud expression, but her eyes were cold and indifferent.

When Mrs. Jier resting not far away accidentally saw her expression, there was a fierce tug in her heart once again. Seeing her beautiful face hang a proud yet cold smile, Mrs. Jier slightly raised her eyebrows. This a-little-over-twenty-years-old young woman was not as simple as she seemed. Looking at her proud and indifferent eyes, it gave people a sense of oppression that could not be described.

Mrs. Jier hesitated repeatedly and finally walked over. She came to a stop at Song Wuyou’s side, revealing a dignified smile. She asked a question she already knew the answer to, “You are Mrs. Gu, Song Wuyou?

Song Wuyou retrieved her gaze from the scene and coincidentally met Mrs. Jier’s gaze.

Encountering Mrs. Jier’s dignified and noble expression, Song Wuyou pulled out the original body’s memory, but she still could not remember who this madam with such a noble temperament was.

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