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Chapter 139: Proceed With Our Plan

Song Wuyou nodded, “Yes.”

Mrs. Jier smiled and asked, “You are ‘Carefree Without Worries’?”

Song Wuyou was surprised for a moment,  “Is that what you believe?”

Mrs. Jier smiled, “My intuition tells me that you are.”

Song Wuyou laughed, “If you say it is, then it is.”

Mrs Jier’s eyes flashed with a touch of complex emotions that Song Wuyou couldn’t see through.

“I’m not sure if I can commission you to design a qipao for me.”

Song Wuyou nodded: “Of course I can, but I cannot guarantee that you will be satisfied with it.”

Mrs. Jier replied, “You’ve done so well with the retro-style dress, I believe your qipao designs will be very attractive.”

Song Wuyou smiled for a moment. In the end, the results couldn’t be guaranteed. After all, the dress she had given to Mu Xin was based on the ones she had worn in her previous lifetime. The qipao, however, had only become popular in the later era of the Qing Dynasty.

When Gu Yanhao turned around and saw Mrs. Jier chatting with Song Wuyou, the light in his eyes deepened as his sword-like eyebrows slightly rose.

When Song Jiuyue arrived at the lounge, she immediately locked the door.  Song Jiumei, who had come with her, bitterly said to her, “Who is that ‘Carefree Without Worries’? Why would she send that dress at such a crucial moment?”

Song Jiuyue’s expression was pale and her eyes were slightly red. She kept on murmuring as if she didn’t hear what Song Jiumei had said to her, “Young Master Gu … … Young Master Gu , why would he expose me in front of everyone?”

Would he lose a chunk of meat if he had agreed the sales rights of that dress belonged to the Gu Group?

Song Jiumei looked at Song Jiuyue with a complicated expression. She felt a little distressed when she saw Song Jiuyue’s depressed appearance. She carefully asked, “Dajie, could ‘Carefree Without Worries’ be Song Wuyou?”

How could it be a coincidence that the dress had been sent out at such a crucial moment? Moreover, all the invited guests had already arrived and the yacht had already sailed. The only way a gift could be possibly sent was either by a helicopter or ship chasing them, but since no helicopter or ship had been spotted since the party began, it meant that the gift had been delivered right at the very beginning.

“It’s impossible!” Song Jiuyue jeered as she stared intensely at Song Jiumei, “If Song Wuyou, that rampant woman, can make such a dress, I will bow down to her!”


“‘Carefree Without Worries’ should be the designer’s name.”


“She should also be at the party. She probably felt uncomfortable when saw me claim the design of the dress as mine, and she probably deliberately sent the gift box out to make me lose face.” Song Jiuyue’s eyes were cold: “When I find out who she is, I’ll definitely dig out her eyes!”


Song Jiuyue’s expression was distorted, vowing fiercely in a sinister tone: “Young Master has been bewitched by Song Wuyou. If it weren’t for Song Wuyou, Young Master Gu would’ve definitely helped me redeem my reputation today.”

“You’re right. I really hate Song Wuyou. Dajie, I brought the medicine.” Song Jiumei’s eyes flashed with a trace of cruel maliciousness in them.

Song Jiuyue looked at her, “What about the room? Have you arranged it?”

“It’s done. I told Mu Xin that you were in a bad mood and wanted to rest, so she has already arranged a room for you.”

Song Jiuyue’s eyes were cold and ruthless, “I do not want a room, I want Song Wuyou to be humiliated.”

“I’ll go put our plan in place now,” said Song Jiumei.

“Go quickly.” Song Jiuyue rubbed the tears under her eyes as she spoke.

“Okay.” Song Jiumei opened the door to leave. Right after her back disappeared from the corridor, Mu Gu’s tall figure walked out from another suite.  

He stood there, his usual gentle peach-blossom eyes became a piercingly cold, coldly staring at Song Jiuyue’s lounge door…

A waiter with a tray of drinks walked in front of Song Wuyou. Song Wuyou stopped him, “Give me a cup of scented tea.”

The waiter laughed: “Yes, what kind of scented tea?”


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