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Chapter 14: Song Wuyou, Your Courage Got Bigger!

After coldly spitting out these words, the sales advisor raised her chin arrogantly. Then she turned around and left in search of other customers.

“That mouth really deserves slapping.” Xu Jing glared ferociously at the sales advisor and muttered angrily.

“She was only speaking the truth.” Being looked down upon by a sales advisor, Song Wuyou laughed instead of getting angry.

Her sight had never left the dress from the beginning to end, “Although this dress is beautiful, there are some places that need to be altered.”

Just a little alteration and this dress would be perfect!

“What do you know?” from the entrance, came a sharp and sarcastic voice.

Song Wuyou’s head turned to look and saw someone who wore the latest fashion carrying herself with the atmosphere of a young rich young lady walking in.

She was Song Wuyou’s half-sister, Song Jiumei.

“This was created by Big Sis, the moment is was launched it sold more than one hundred and eighty pieces, bringing more than one million revenue for Gu Group. Sales represent Big Sis’s capability, what rights you have to criticize her?” Song Jiumei stood before Song Wuyou with arrogance and disdain.

Seeing Song Wuyou’s dressing was different than usual, the contemptuous smile on Song Jiumei’s face deepened. Her eyes roved over Song Wuyou from head to toe.

“You, not only you did not die in the car accident, you also changed your image? Oh, I forgot, you don’t have any image. Song Wuyou, didn’t you buy this dress four years ago? Even the color has faded yet you are still wearing it? Fashion from four years ago is outdated, still you’re reluctant to throw it away? But it is also right, our Song Family only gives you three thousand as allowance, one meal and all is gone, how could there be a balance to spend on clothes, right?”

Song Jiumei’s words were extremely harsh.

Song Wuyou frowned, her body subtlety shifted to one side. She even raised her hand to cover her nose as if she smelled something pungent.

Her eyes glanced at Song Jiumei with disgust, saying; “Did you forget to brush your teeth this morning, or did you eat something you shouldn’t for breakfast?

Hearing this, Song Jiumei’s expression turned ugly, “Song Wuyou, are you saying my mouth stinks?”

Song Wuyou blinked her mesmerizing eyes, showing an innocent expression, “Did I say your mouth stinks? I just reminded you that you have bad breath.”

“Song Wuyou!” Song Jiumei was so angered by Song Wuyou’s words that her face was beetroot red; damn woman, actually dared to say her mouth smells!

Contrary to Song Jiuyue, Song Jiumei had grown up as a loved and pampered daughter of a wealthy father, being said having bad breath by Song Wuyou was akin to being scorned for not having voluptuous bosom by the man she loved. And it only fueled the hate and resentment towards Song Wuyou inside her.

“In this age, those who actually tell the truth are treated like people who are guilty of a monstrous crime.” Song Wuyou shook her head helplessly seeing Song Jiumei turned red from anger.

“What are you so proud of?” Song Jiumei mocked, “Although you did not die in the car accident, the child in your belly died. My sister said, Grandfather Gu already agreed for Young Master Gu to divorce you. Your Mrs. Gu position won’t be yours much longer. At that time, I’ll wait and see your ending; being abandoned by the man you love. Let’s see if you can still be so proud.”

“At that time I will not let you down.” Sing Wuyou sneered, and a trace of contempt flashed across her eyes, “Excuse me, Song Jiumei, can you shut your mouth and not talk to me, I’m germophobic[1].”

Xu Jing almost exploded with laughter hearing this.

Once again, Song Jiumei choked with anger, glaring at Song Wuyou: “Song Wuyou, your courage got bigger! Dare to say I’m dirty!”


[1] Germophobe is a disorder where a person who is obsessed with cleanliness and defeating bacteria.

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