ENH C141

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Chapter 141: Why Did You Marry that Slut Song Wuyou Instead of Me?!

Song Jiumei gulped down another mouthful of red wine. The way she looked at Song Wuyou became increasingly agitated.

“Why is there no reaction from that slut?”

“Did you use a big enough dosage?” Song Jiuyue asked, her voice sounded anxious and nervous.

“Of course, I poured everything in.”

Song Jiuyue gritted her teeth: “Wait a little more and see.”

Song Jiuyue went off again after saying that, for she couldn’t stand the looks the other guests were giving her.

Song Jiumei stayed behind, feeling the air becoming hotter and more suffocating. An unnatural blush tinged her cheeks as her eyes seemed layered with glistening moisture.

“Damn, why is it so hot?” Song Jiumei used her hand to fan her hot cheeks. So uncomfortable ah. Not only did the weather seem hotter, even her body temperature shot up.

“Are you tired? Do you want to go back and rest?” Gu Yanhao asked, concerned after noticing that Song Wuyou no longer touched any food after having two small desserts.

Song Wuyou glanced at him indifferently, answering with another single syllable: “Good.”

Indeed, she wasn’t inclined towards these lively occasions with a lot of people. Just when Song Wuyou was preparing to leave, a fracas behind her attracted attention.  Song Wuyou turned around to look, and what she saw made her delicate brows furrow slightly. Song Jiumei was pulling at a male server as if she was about to jump him. The male server was terrified by her actions, struggling to fly from her hands and fleeing from the scene like his life was in danger.  The guests in the vicinity gathered round to watch.

“Ah…en, na….” Song Jiumei felt so uncomfortable from the heat, pulling at her dress.  Her evening gown was a strapless low cut design. With a pull, the front of her dress fell to her waist, baring her generous fair breasts in front of everyone.

The guests were shocked and confused: ”What’s happening?”  “Did Song Jiumei drink too much and start to act recklessly?”

Mu Xin walk forward, a flash of disappointment obvious on her face at seeing Song Jiumei baring her naked torso in public. This was her birthday party. Why was she making a scene here?

She hurried to Song Jiumei’s side, “Jiumei, there’s a lot of people here. Don’t be like this.”

“Go away!” Song Jiumei’s face was flushed red from the heat akin to being slowly roasted on a fire. As she pushed away suddenly, she nearly tripped on her high stilettos, luckily, someone held her, preventing a fall.

“A~~aa~~~!” Losing the strength in her legs all of a sudden, Song Jiumei flopped down on the deck while issuing heightened moans, “So uncomfortable, save me… help me… ahh~~~”

Fingers started pointing as whispers traveled between guests. So embarrassing!

Mu Xin’s eyes were red from feeling wronged and aggrieved by the situation as she looked anxiously in Song Jiumei’s direction.  She had thought of asking someone to send Song Jiumei back, but all the men distanced themselves far away. Only the womenfolk stayed to watch. Then Mu Xin caught sight of Mu Gu in front of her, looking in her direction with a strange sharpness in his eyes. Without thinking about it, Mu Xin ran over to his side and grabbed his hand, “Brother, Jiumei’s drunk, can you send her home?”

Don’t let her stay here letting it all hang out!

Mu Gu removed Mu Xin’s hand, stating without much emotion in his tone, “Leave her be if she likes it.”

Mu Xin was flabbergasted after hearing these words coming from Mu Gu’s mouth.

“Young Master Gu… Why…?” Song Jiumei cried woefully, half lying down on the deck.

Young Master Gu?!

The people who caught her words were stunned! Is this Young Master Gu the very same Gu Yanhao?

Song Wuyou wrinkled her brows. Hearing Song Jiumei crying for him, her eyes naturally turned towards Gu Yanhao.  Gu Yanhao’s face was chilling and gloomy, and he gazed at the humiliated Song Jiumei with a trace of annoyance.

“Why did you marry that slut Song Wuyou instead of me? I feel so bad…”

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