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Chapter 143: I Want to Understand You

Gu Yanhao and Song Wuyou left the scene. The show, however, continued to play on. Due to unvented desires and needs, Song Jiumei fainted in the end.  The party progressed forward after the small incident. After all, it cannot be canceled for an insignificant Song Jiumei. Mu Gu arranged for Song Jiumei to be taken back to shore and to the hospital.

When Song Wuyou and Gu Yanhao went to rest in the room arranged for them, Song Wuyou sat on the bed hugging a pillow in deep thought, whereas Gu Yanhao sat on the single seat bedside sofa, long legs crossed in a lazy manner but still exuding an undiminished elegance. Nonetheless, his attention was fixated on Song Wuyou. “What are you thinking about?”

Song Wuyou: “I forgot what color dress Mrs. Jier usually likes to wear.”

Gu Yanhao was surprised. She sat there lost in thought not because Song Jiumei coveted him, but it because of Mrs. Jier’s qipao?

“Someone drugged Song Jiumei,” Gu Yanhao stated.

Song Wuyou raised an eyebrow looking at him: “I know.” Song Jiumei’s behavior was too off.

“Was it you?”

Song Wuyou’s heart froze. The temperature in her eyes turned icy. She faced Gu Yanhao, “What if I say yes?”

Will he blame her?

The man’s lips upturned into a smile as a soft gentleness shone from his eyes, “Not enough.” His voice was low and smooth like whiskey.

“What do you mean?” Song Wuyou questioned in confusion.

Gu Yanhao’s smile turned cold, “You’d arrange a man for her after drugging her.”

Song Wuyou snorted with disdain, “ A woman like Song Jiumei isn’t worth me using such despicable methods to deal with her.”

Gentleness returned to his eyes, “Song Wuyou, I can’t see through you more and more.”

“It’s not necessary for you to understand me. You never had the intention and never did in the beginning.”

“But… I want to understand you.”

The words stirred Song Wuyou’s heart involuntarily.

Dongfang Xuan once uttered the same sentence to her. At that time, she stubbornly insisted on joining the army with him, disguised as a man. He, on the other hand, had refused adamantly, claiming women know nothing about war. She was only focused on not parting with him at that time. Her heart ached when thinking that they would need to part.

Sobbing, she’d blurted out: “I don’t care if women know how to fight a war or not, I must join. Dongfang Xuan, you don’t understand me?!”

He didn’t understand how much she cared for him, how much she wanted to stay at his side.

Dongfang Xuan looked at her seriously and asked, “Tell me then, why do you want to go to war? I want to understand you.”

I want to understand youㅡ

When Dongfang Xuan said these words to her, his voice was filled with gentleness and boundless fondness. Almost the same way Gu Yanhao was speaking now.

One wanted to exterminate her after knowing her.

One wanted to know her after ‘exterminating’ her.

Song Wuyou quietly stared at Gu Yanhao, at this face that was exactly the same as Dongfang Xuan’s.

Is he really Dongfang Xuan’s reincarnation? Didn’t they used to say, there’s karma working in people’s lives.

Round and round in never ending circles, the karma of past and present… After hundreds of years, thousand of years, people meet again. They were husband and wife in the past. After thousands of years and reincarnation, they could be parent and child or even siblings, because they were connected by karma made in the past, No matter how much time had elapsed, they were fated to meet again sooner or later.

It hit Song Wuyou that they were husband and wife in the past and … now. It was just that Dongfang Xuan drank Lady of Forgetfulness soup and crossed the Bridge of Hell, whereas her soul traveled across time and space to reach this time and place.

In the end, they still met.

However, he forgot everything while she carried the burden and painful memories of the past.—

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