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Chapter 144: You Designed that Dress

Hence, pain would rear its head every time she thought of Dongfang Xuan. She didn’t want to see this face of Gu Yanhao’s so she pulled the quilt and laid on the bed.

“Gu Yanhao, I’m feeling seasick. I’m going to sleep for a bit, don’t disturb me.”

Gu Yanhao pursed his lips, feeling discontent as he stared at her. When she was staring at his face in silence, he caught the trace of sadness that flickered past her face. The kind of forlorn sadness that gave up on love, not at all the type of heartbroken sadness. He knew very well seasickness was but an excuse. She didn’t want to show her real feelings in front of him?

Gu Yanhao’s lips flattened into a thin line. It seems… she has many secrets from him.


The party was coming to an end. The luxurious yacht slowly made its way back to the pier, and Song Wuyou had rested for half an hour in the room. When she woke up, Gu Yanhao wasn’t in the room anymore.

After freshening up for a bit and rearranging her dress and hair, Song Wuyou went out to the deck. Although the yacht wasn’t big, the wind was quite strong. The salty seawind was like two hands gently brushing across her face. Song Wuyou enjoyed this comfortable feeling, so she held onto the side rails and allowed the wind to blow in her face.

Mu Gu came out from the cabin carrying two glasses of fruit juice in his hands, but he did not approach Song Wuyou. Standing near the pathway, he was looking at Song Wuyou’s silhouette from the back with a dignified expression when his lips arched into a smile. A smile that held a trace of wistfulness.

Lifting his foot, he walked over to where she was.

“Fruit juice goes well with seabreeze ah.” Mu Gu stood beside Song Wuyou, handing over a glass of fruit juice.

Seeing it was him, Song Wuyou was surprised, “Don’t you need to accompany your little sister?”

Mu Gu’s flashed her a charming smile, a bewitching smile. A smile that made others think he had some mischief up his sleeve.

“She’s currently hugging the dress ‘Carefree without Worries’ gave her, day dreaming in the rest lounge.”

“That dress is indeed quite beautiful. I, too, like it very much.”

“Since you like it, why did you gift it to Mu Xin?” Mu Gu asked in all seriousness as he looked at her.

Song Wuyou was stunned for a moment, “Gu Yanhao told you?” Otherwise, how would he know she designed that dress?

A complicated light flitted across Mu Gu’s eyes. In fact, he was just testing. He didn’t expect that dress was really made by her. The design of that dress was exactly the same as people wore during the X Dynasty…

Mu Gu laughed, “Wasn’t it obvious? The name on the card was yours.”

Song Wuyou laughed, relaxed and carefree, “Just a name that sounded similar. Perhaps it wasn’t me.”

“Enough, you can admit it in front of me. Your reaction just now already confirmed for me that the dress was made by you.”

Song Wuyou took a sip of the fruit juice, sweet yet a hint of sour, and a thick refreshing fragrance.  Song Wuyou frowned. Scrutinizing the orangey substance in the glass as she asked Mu Gu, “What is this?”

“Passionfruit juice.”

Song Wuyou sniffed, “Really fragrant.” She took another sip. This time, it did not taste as sour as the first time. Truth was, it tasted better as she drank.

“Song Jiumei was drugged.” Mu Gu suddenly said, watching her.

Because the topic veered off too quickly, Song Wuyou’s brain couldn’t catch up. She looked up, “I know ah, it was obvious to see.”

An elegant smile appeared on his face, “Aren’t you curious who drugged her?”

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