ENH C145

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Chapter 145: Retarded

Song Wuyou looked nonchalantly at Mu Gu, “I have no interest in Song Jiumei’s affairs.”

“It was me.” Mu Gu’s gentle eyes sharpened, “I drugged her.”

This admission astounded Song Wuyou, “Why would you drug her?” This was his younger sister Mu Xin’s birthday party. His actions could’ve ruined this upscale party.

“Because she wanted to harm you.” Mu Gu’s eyes narrowed as he watched the waves hitting the water’s surface.


Song Wuyou’s hands grasped the rail tightly, a soaring hate burning in her heart that the strong sea wind was unable to blow away. Today, if it wasn’t for Mu Gu replacing the cup of tea meant for her, then she would be the one shaming herself in public, wouldn’t she? Her expression was calm but her eyes cold. The original host was brought to live in the Song Villa when she was five. Ever since that time, she had never felt happy, not even for a day. The sisters, Song Jiuyue and Song Jiumei, treated her like a dog, bullying her like it was their entertainment. Mrs. Song was an even worse stepmother, an extremely vicious woman who beat Wuyou when her mood was bad, and Song Nan didn’t treat her as a daughter at all.

She reflected deeply. She had done no wrong towards this family, yet, they tried to trip her every step of the way. Though the original host might have been arrogant and selfish, it had never crossed her mind to use these kinds of methods on the sisters.

Drug her and arrange a man in a room for her? Such a lousy and despicable method might have worked in the Song Villa, and they’re using the same plan again at Mu Xin’s birthday party?

“Song Wuyou!” Song Jiuyue’s harsh voice rang out behind her, however, Song Wuyou revealed a smile upon hearing this voice even though the look in her eyes grew colder still. Great, she hadn’t gone looking for them, yet one of them appeared before her. Song Wuyou turned around, the sea wind blowing thr hair.

At the precise moment that Song Wuyou turned around, the crough heoldness in her eyes terrified Song Jiuyue for a second, as if the aura surrounding Song Wuyou was too much for her to bear.

“It was you!” Song Jiuyue composed herself and glared daggers at Song Wuyou. “You drugged Song Jiumei!”

“Retard.” Song Wuyou said contemptuously,

Song Jiuyue raged: “What did you say?”

“I said you’re a retard.”

Song Wuyou glanced at her from the corner of her eyes, “Everything was going fine. Why would I drug Song Jiumei for no reason?”

“….” On the spot, Song Jiuyue had no retort prepared to silence Song Wuyou.

“Who is she to me? The murderer of my parents or my archrival? Or perhaps the cheap slut that wanted to steal my husband away?”

“……….” Song Jiuyue looked shocked at Song Wuyou’s fluent words. When did she learn how to speak in a roundabout way?

“She is not any of these. Do you think I’m so free as to drug anybody? Gu Yanhao treats me like a treasure these days. Is it necessary that I sneak around using this lowly method that does nothing but reduce my IQ and ruin my character?”

Song Jiuyue turned pale to green at her words. Her eyes spat fire as she glared at Song Wuyou. What did this slut say? Why did it feel like Song Wuyou was claiming that she used lowly unscrupulous means that only retards use, and ruining her own character?

She vaguely felt Song Wuyou was scolding her.

At first, she wanted to use Mu Xin’s party to show her good side by sending Mu Xin a dress, but it was spoiled by some “Carefree Without Worries’ that came out of nowhere.  She wanted Song Jiumei to drug Song Wuyou, to create a scene in order to repress what happened to her earlier with the dress. She didn’t expect the one shamed would be Song Jiumei. Everything that she’d planned backfired, causing Song Jiuyue’s anger to nearly blow off the roof -and she suspected the person who’d drugged Song Jiumei was Song Wuyou. Seeing she was alone on the deck, she came over to ‘reason’ with her, and once again, she didn’t expect she would bear the brunt herself.

It felt as if Song Wuyou slapped her in public, humiliated.  

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