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Chapter 146: Song Jiuyue Pushed Song Wuyou Off the Boat

“Song Wuyou, I will find the evidence that proves it was you that harmed Jiumei!” Song Jiuyue vowed through gritted teeth, glaring ferociously at Song Wuyou.

“Then before you find any evidence to back you up, don’t come in front of me and make a fuss, okay?” Song Wuyou sneered with contempt. She moved closer to Song Jiuyue, making Song Jiuyue stiffen with surprise as if there was an invisible momentum binding her.

A faint smile hung at the corner of Song Wuyou’s lips. Stopping in front of Song Jiuyue, her voice barely a whisper, uttering the words close to Song Jiuyue’s ear, “Song Jiuyue, how do you feel knowing that even your little sister Song Jiumei loves Gu Yanhao?”

Song Jiuyue shivered involuntarily.

Song Wuyou subtly looked up and coincidentally noticed something: “Compared to Song Jiumei, you are lacking. From your face to your body…”

“Song Wuyou, don’t go too far!” Song Jiuyue received a huge blow, and angered by those words she raised her hand out of reflex as if she was about to hit Song Wuyou.

But she had barely struck Song Wuyou, Song Wuyou’s body was thrown back suddenly.



Song Wuyou’s body slammed against the side rail. Swaying from the impact, her body leaned backward. Losing the center of gravity, her body went over the rails, in a turn, falling straight into the sea.

Before she fell, Song Wuyou’s hands flailed and managed to grasp at the rails, but due to her hand being slippery, her hands slid off a second later. Song Wuyou let out a scream before she hit the water.

Gu Yanhao and Mu Gu were walking out together from the inner cabin. From their angle, Song Jiuyue pushed Song Wuyou down to the sea.

“Song Wuyou!”


Watching this happen right in front of them, Gu Yanhao and Mu Gu’s expressions tightened and they cried out as they rushed forward without a second thought. Not caring about the large waves hitting, one man after the other dove into the sea.

At this time, the yacht was cruising at low speed, hence there were a lot of guests out on the deck enjoying the refreshing breeze. Their attention was attracted by the suave coolness of Gu Yanhao and Mu Gu’s posture as they dove into the sea, but before they could figure it out, both men had already disappeared from sight.

What happened?

Men and women hurried over. The whole time, Song Jiuyue’s body froze on the spot as if she had suffered a tremendous blow, staring blankly at the sea surface.

She did not push Song Wuyou ah, what happened that she suddenly swung back and fell into the sea?

Mu Xin was on the upper deck and the only thing she caught was Gu Yanhao and her brother jumping in. She ran down anxiously, grabbing Song Jiuyue’s shoulder and demanding: “Jiuyue, what happened?”

“It wasn’t me.” Song Jiuyue mumbled incoherently and a little afraid as she faced Mu Xin, “I did not push Song Wuyou.”

Mu Xin paled when she heard that. There was disbelief in the way she looked at Song Jiuyue. Song Jiuyue’s words ‘revealed’ her hidden intentions instead of helping herself. The more she tried to excuse herself, the deeper she dug her own grave.

“I just wanted to slap Song Wuyou, but before I even touched her, she flew out and fell into the sea by herself.”

“Mu Xin, you must believe me. It was her, she purposely fell into the sea.”

The hands on Song Jiuyue’s shoulder gradually loosened. In Mu Xin’s eyes, there was a deep disappointment that was never there before. Right, she didn’t like Song Wuyou. With her bad reputation, there was hardly anyone who did like her. She also knew Song Jiuyue didn’t like Song Wuyou, but she would never have imagined that Song Jiuyue would push Song Wuyou into the sea.

“No matter what, Song Wuyou’s your younger sister. Although you born of different mothers, still you call the same person father. The same blood flows in your veins. As the elder sister, how can you be so vicious as to push your sister to the sea?” A rich madam amongst the guests couldn’t take it anymore, voicing her dissatisfaction with Song Jiuyue.

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