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Chapter 148: Sharp Hostility Bursting from His Body

Barely two hours after the video had been uploaded, the view count surpassed one billion. In other words, at least one billion people watched the video of Song Jiumei professing her feelings towards her own brother-in-law, publicly, and in a flamboyant demeanor.

The comments sections below the video exploded with cold sarcasm and scorching satire. Each harsh word was like a knife twisting in Song Jiumei’s heart. The drug was finally cleared out of her system after two hours of emergency treatment. Not only that, the doctor and nurses must have watched the party video too judging from the weird stares coming from them.

Song Nang and Mrs. Song arrived at the hospital almost immediately after getting the news of Song Jiumei being warded. They too had seen the video earlier on.

Song Jiumei leaned against the headboard watching the scandalous video on her mobile phone. She wanted to die from humiliation.

“You really bring ‘glory’ to this old face!” Song Nan snapped furiously as he paced up and down the VIP room, glaring at Song Jiumei. Although Song Jiumei wasn’t as talented as Song Jiuyue, she had better looks and ideas, therefore Song Nan had always spoiled her. He didn’t expect she would do something so degrading.

The moment the video was released on the internet, the Song Group’s shares plummeted sharply. The upper management had been trying to salvage the situation, but even ‘til the market closed for the day there was no improvement. Judging from the situation, it will continue to fall like crazy when the market opens tomorrow morning as well. Song Nan was on the edge of going mad from this.

Mrs. Song too was extremely angered by the matter. She gave birth to two beautiful daughters that brought her glorious compliments no matter where she went, and her two daughters had always been her pride. Today, a short video burned all her pride to ashes.

Even the matter of Song Jiuyue pushing Song Wuyou inTo the sea became a headline. With this, things swayed favorably for Song Wuyou’s reputation. On top of everything else, the Song Group’s shares plummeting like nobody’s business made Mrs. Song feel like smacking Song Jiumei a few times.

Of course, it was only a thought. That was her precious daughter after all.

“Why would you be so confused as to touch those drugs?” Mrs. Song used a slightly resentful tone towards Song Jiumei, displaying her dissatisfaction. “You’ve disgraced the Song Family’s face!”

Song Jiumei was feeling wronged; such a video was on the internet, how was she supposed to go out in public after this?!

She raised her head, large drops of tears falling from her face as she looked at Mrs. Song, “Mama, it was Song Wuyou! It was Song Wuyou – that bitch – who drugged me!”

Blood filled Song Nan’s vision when he heard that, shouting: “What did you say?!”

Song Jiumei was frightened by this side of Song Nan. It was if he wanted to swallow a person whole! She stammered as she repeated, “It…it, Song Wuyou drugged me!”

When Xu Jing walked in through the door, Song Wuyou was just coming out from the shower dressed in a pious nightgown that did nothing to diminish her beauty. She’d washed her hair, and it was still wet when she walked out of the bathroom. Sparkling droplets of water were hanging at the edge of her hair, falling down.

“Miss, the Master and Madame as well as Second Miss are all downstairs.” Xu Jing said as she watched Song Wuyou. “Young Master Gu asked you to come down for a while.”

An eyebrow arched up Song Wuyou’s forehead upon hearing Xu Jing’s words. Glancing outside the windows she said: “It’s already so late, what did they come here for?”

“It won’t be for something good judging by the air around them.” Xu Jin grumbled.

Song Wuyou picked up a towel, drying her hair as she walked downstairs.

The moment she reached the bottom step, she could feel furious glares directed at her from Song Nan and his wife. Gu Yanhao leaned lazily into the sofa, but there was an air of hostility bursting out from his body, filling the spacious living room. His deep eyes narrowed, filled with iciness. Both Song Nan and Mrs. Song felt it clearly.

This mountain of pressure descended when he heard Mrs. Song claimed it was Song Wuyou who drugged Song Jiumei.

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