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Chapter 149: Trying to Snatch Other People’s Husbands with Despicable Means

Mrs. Song thought Gu Yanhao was upset because Song Wuyou drugged Song Jiumei, she thought that was why he exuded such an overwhelming hostility. She so dearly wished Gu Yanhao could divorce Song Wuyou on the spot. Better still if he’d give her a resounding slap on the spot as well.

Song Wuyou made an inexplicable impression on Song Jiumei with her freshly showered appearance, hair still wet and a little messy with droplets of water. Her skin that was caressed by the hot shower seemed more supple and tender, even more so under the soft light, as if water could spring from it.

Strong jealousy flickered across Song Jiumei’s eyes. Even the way she looked at Song Wuyou became sharper and more hostile than Song Nan and Mrs. Song.

Aside from Gu Yanhao, the other three people in the living room were glaring at her. Song Wuyou frowned, yet she wanted to laugh at the same time. They came running over late at night just to glare at her with these kind of eyes, as if she was the enemy that killed their father and mother or something?

Gu Yanhao slowly shifted his attention towards her, and when he noticed her hair was still wet, his expression sank deeper. Coincidentally, Song Wuyou was looking in his direction and their eyes met halfway. Seeing that he was frowning, slightly unhappy, Song Wuyou was confounded.

“Song Wuyou, you slut!”

With the last three stairs remaining before Song Wuyou entered the living room, Mrs. Song got up in a huff, cursing and pointing at Song Wuyou’s face. Mrs. Song thought Song Wuyou would get angry when she called her out that way and would come over to hit her in anger. That way, she could pretend to crash into the staircase banister, putting the blame on Song Wuyou by saying Song Wuyou pushed her, then she’d force Gu Yanhao to punish her.

Unfortunately, Song Wuyou stopped right on the staircase, looking at her with a cold gaze. The soft light emphasized Song Wuyou’s perfect features, adding an unworldly charm to her beauty. Her gaze was sharp and cold as it fell on Mrs. Song.

Failing to obtain the result she had aimed for, Mrs. Song looked at Song Wuyou. A cold shiver suddenly snaked down her spine as her eyes met the cold gaze directed at her.

What happened?

Wasn’t Song Wuyou arrogant, reckless, and couldn’t stand someone scolding her? And she loves to fight, doesn’t she? She had jumped forward, calling her a slut while pointing a finger at her, so why was her reaction so cold?

“Isn’t is enough that your reputation is as bad as it is? Why did you use such despicable underhanded means to ruin Jiumei’s future?” Unwilling to give up, Mrs.Song continue to point her long manicured nails at Song Wuyou’s face as harsh, vicious words flowed without a stopper.

“You’re just a slut like your mother! Both of you like to use underhanded means to steal other people’s husbands! You’re worse than that vixen mother of yours, not  only did you steal another person’s husband, you even ruined other people’s innocence! Song Wuyou, no matter how shameless you are, there must be a limit. Jiumei is your sister!”

Gu Yanhao listened quietly, but his lips were pressed into a thin line and the cutting atmosphere around him increased in pressure.

Song Wuyou scoffed with disdain as she looked at Mrs. Song, “Please enlighten me, whose husband did I steal?”


“Oh?” Song Wuyou’s lips arched in a smile…no, a cold sneer – yet she was nonetheless beautiful, raising another wave a great envy from Song Jiumei. She didn’t notice this when the past Song Wuyou liked to plaster thick paint on her face. Suddenly, she stopped putting on thick makeup, and naturally, sans any powder, she became even more beautiful. Thinking of this, Song Jiumei glanced furtively at Gu Yanhao. She saw him leaning lazily into the sofa, while those mesmerizing phoenix eyes held only Song Wuyou. Fury and jealousy erupted within her, yet at the same time, this feeling made her feeling like weeping.

“Mrs. Song,” Song Wuyou snickered, “Who is Jiuyue’s husband ah?” she enquired, full of curiosity.

“It’s…” Mrs. Song turned around and pointed at Gu Yanhao.

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