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Chapter 15: I’m Germophobe, Please Stay Further Away from Me

Song Wuyou snickered, “I didn’t say you are dirty. I just said I’m a germophobe, so please stay away from me.”

Song Jiumei’s face flushed red once again due to anger. The way she was glaring at Song Wuyou, it seemed as if she wished she could just swallow Song Wuyou up once and for all in her raging state.

“You were basically accusing me dirty!”

The corner of Song Wuyou’s lips rose in a faint cold smile, “I really can’t do anything if you insist on claiming yourself ― dirty.”

“You….!” Song Jiumei was driven so mad that she even raised her hand, intending to land a good slap on Song Wuyou.

Previously, Song Wuyou had always been unruly and spoiled. But it had always been directed towards outsiders.

Song Jiumei knew it very well, inside, Song Wuyou was nothing more than a straw bag. This woman was easily bullied.

There had been occasions in the past when she slapped her, and never once had Song Wuyou dared to counter back. Because she knew deep down that she still needed to rely on the monthly allowance the Song Family provided.

But this time, Song Jiumei’s raised hand froze in mid-air, it could neither move forward nor be retrieved.

She looked at Song Wuyou in astonishment. That petrified expression appeared as if she was seeing a horrifying ghost.

Facing Song Jiumei’s raised hand, Song Wuyou was neither afraid or frightened. Instead, her chin was lifted up proudly and with a taunting smile, she stared back squarely at Song Jiumei.

Song Jiumei was scared stiff by the sudden aura radiating off Song Wuyou’s bearing.

Usually, and it had always been, the moment she raised her hand, that Song Wuyou would shrink away in fright.

Today, she did not even dodge it. Instead, Song Wuyou had actually used an invincible coercion to suffocating her.

Song Jiumei’s eyebrows twisted together; why did she suddenly become very different from the previous Song Wuyou?

The aura and temperament she had no were very different from Song Wuyou with the damaged reputation that she knew.

“You want to slap me?” Song Wuyou asked with a curious expression and a faint sneer.

“A slut like you deserves to be hit!” Song Jiumei glowered daggers at Song Wuyou.

At this moment, she was frightened by Song Wuyou’s domineering aura and temperament, yet she was not willing to discount her identity as a high and noble wealthy man’s daughter. She was still arrogant and unyielding, sharply glaring at Song Wuyou.


Hearing this word, Song Wuyou’s eyes evidently became cold, narrowing dangerously.

Song Jiumei’s arrogant and unyielding demeanor reminded her of the Empress in her past life. That woman from the past had also made things difficult for her.

She, Song Wuyou, was the one who had fought alongside the Emperor in conquering the world. Yet, at the end, it was his cousin sister that was conferred with the title of Empress. She was then being pampered to the Heavens and back by the Emperor.

She, herself, could only be satisfied with just a title of an imperial consort, living in plight. The Empress had relied on the affection the Emperor had for her and abused power she held as an Empress made her days a living hell.

The Empress had even confronted her once, and gave her a slap all of a sudden. Song Wuyou had then regarded Her with suppressed anger: “Why did you hit me?”

The Empress’s face had flushed red with fury, a finger pointing straight at her face and severely censured: “A slut like you deserved to be hit!”

Afterwards, Song Wuyou found out the reason the Empress had been so infuriated. Because, that day she had dined with the Emperor.

“What did you say just now?” Song Wuyou laughed, her voice sounded light but it was undeniably freezing cold.

“I said, you slut deserved to be hit!”


An earsplitting sound of flesh meeting with flesh resonated through the air. It had attracted many pairs of eyes their way.

Song Wuyou had exerted so much force that Song Jiumei’s head actually went to one side. On that smooth white skin, a glaring red mark of five finger-prints appeared.

Xu Jing was flabbergasted. Her mouth opened forming a perfect shape of an ‘O’ as she stared at the red handprint on Song Jiumei’s cheek. Her eyes flitted nervously back and forth between Song Wuyou and Song Jiumei.

‘Miss…. You hit Second Miss?’

After the slap was delivered, Song Wuyou nonchalantly shook her hand. She then rubbed her slightly numb palm.

The complacent smile at the corner of her lips was unnoticeable, yet the atmosphere around her was so tense it actually made people present to inhale sharp cold breathe.

“It was said that Mrs. Gu is arrogant and despotic, also unruly. It seems to be the truth after all.”

[1] Germaphobe

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