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Chapter 150: I Don’t Care Much for These Kinds of Methods

“It’s…” Mrs. Song turned around and pointed at Gu Yanhao. It was then that she noticed Gu Yanhao was looking at herself with those cold, ruthless eyes.

What terrifying eyes! Mrs. Song nearly jumped out of her skin! The rest of her words were stuck in her throat. Although the words were not spoken aloud, the meaning of her actions was loud and clear. Everyone in the living room knew for Mrs. Song’s finger pointed squarely at Gu Yanhao.

What she wanted to say was Gu Yanhao was Song Jiuyue’s husband.

When Mrs. Song turned around to indicate Gu Yanhao, Song Wuyou stepped down from the stairs, passing beside Mrs. Song with a deeply arched smile on her lips. The sarcasm in them was glaring in Mrs. Song’s eyes.

“Who?” Song Wuyou sat down next to Gu Yanhao, asking a question she already knew the answer to.

“Song Wuyou, why did you drug Jiumei?”

Frightened by Gu Yanhao’s look, Mrs. Song opted to return to the main issue at hand. After all, her main purpose here today was to find out why Song Wuyou did that to her daughter?

Song Wuyou eyes slowly shifted their focus onto Song Jiumei, “I drugged you?”

Meeting Song Wuyou’s eyes, Song Jiumei’s heart tightened momentarily in fear. She carefully looked at Gu Yanhao’s expression before stating feebly with guilt, “If not you, who else?”

“Hehe…” Song Wuyou let out a disdainful snicker, but the humor did not reach her eyes.

Song Nan was stumped by Song Wuyou’s sarcastic snicker. He raised Song Wuyou as a daughter but he had never seen such a cold, distant, and composed Song Wuyou. There was a noble, dignified air around this daughter that Song Nan felt was unfamiliar… as if the person in front of him wasn’t his daughter.

“What are you laughing at, you slut? You ruined my daughter’s innocence!” Once again Mrs. Song rushed up to Song Wuyou, wanting to send a slap to wipe off the snicker on Song Wuyou’s face, but the instant she lifted her hand Gu Yanhao’s gaze cut into her, freezing her on the spot.

Wasn’t Gu Yanhao supposed to be on her side? Why did he look so menacingly at her when she scolded Song Wuyou?

Mrs. Song felt extremely aggrieved, like one crying wolf she wailed her heart out, “God is so unfair, my daughter is so kind, to be destroyed by a slut like Song Wuyou~! God has no eyes ah~~~~~~!”

“Song Wuyou, how big of a grudge you have with Jiumei?” Song Nan sharp eyes pierced Song Wuyou, nothing like the way a father would look at his daughter.

Song Wuyou flashed a brilliant smile, “I have neither a grudge nor hatred towards anyone,” her eyes sweeping past Song Jiumei and Mrs. Song as she said this.

Song Nan blanked for a moment, suddenly feeling a pressure coming from Song Wuyou.

“All of you are not qualified to be taken as my enemy.” Song Wuyou stared at Song Nan for a long time before adding such a sentence.

And Song Nan obviously lost out on momentum, but he couldn’t allow that to show in front of Song Wuyou.  He slapped his own thigh with unprecedented wrath and stared fiercely at Song Wuyou, “Since we are not qualified to be your enemy, why did you drug Jiumei? Luckily she only fainted and was rescued. If she came across some unruly man, then her entire life would have been ruined by you, do you know that?”

Recalling the video, Song Jiumei felt ashamed and humiliated. Soft sobs came from where she stood while Mrs. Song hadn’t stopped lamenting her sorrows to the Almighty God, heaven and earth, and everything else that came to her mind.

“I didn’t drug anyone, I don’t care for such despicable methods!” Song Wuyou glared back at Song Nan sharply.

“Jiumei became like that and stripped after drinking the beverage you gave her, how could you not admit it!” Song Nan’s eyes glowed red.

“Really?” Another soft sneer came from Song Wuyou.

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