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Chapter 151: If You Catch a Cold, I’ll Hit Your Peach Bottom

“Song Wuyou, you’re despicable! You have the guts to do it but no guts to admit it!” Song Wuyou’s eyes made Song Jiumei extremely uncomfortable.

“I did not do it.” Song Wuyou emphasized.

“That’s enough.” Gu Yan Hao took the towel from Song Wuyou’s hands,”Don’t quarrel with them. ”

Song Wuyou glared at him helplessly. When did she quarrel with them?

Gu Yanhao hooked her neck with one hand and pulled her to his side. Just as Song Wuyou was going to ask him what he was doing, his subsequent actions made her entire body freeze for a moment.

Gu Yanhao actually took her towel and was helping her dry her hair!

Song Wuyou turned, her surprised eyes colliding with Gu Yanhao’s deep and narrow phoenix eyes. Song Wuyou’s heartbeat quickened a little as she saw the tenderness in his eyes.

Gu Yan Hao’s actions made Song Nan and Mrs. Song stunned for a few seconds. Gu Yanhao had always maintained a cold temperament, and wasn’t it Song Wuyou who drugged Song Jiumei ? He …He … … Even in front of their faces, he was drying Song Wuyou’s hair for her?

Did even the dignified Young Master Gu do this kind of work?

“After you wash your hair, you have to immediately wipe it dry.” Although Gu Yanhao’s tone was slightly accusing, his affection was truly sincere.

“…” Song Wuyou blinked, the softest part at the bottom of her heart feeling as if it had been gently hit by something.

“Your body is weak and you just fell into the sea, you shouldn’t be washing your hair in the first place.” His sincerely affectionate voice softened as he said, “If you catch a cold from not drying your hair after you wash it, I’ll hit your peach bottom…” Song Wuyou’s heart suddenly jumped as her face reddened slightly…hitting her peach bottom ah? Just thinking about this image would make people blush!

Her tone was annoyed,  “Xu Jing said you wanted me to come down.

“Stupid woman, I didn’t mean for you to come down immediately.”

“When I heard my dad and them came, I thought that something big might’ve happened. If I had known earlier, I would’ve dried my hair before coming down.”

What was she saying? Song Jiumei and Mrs. Song’s faces flushed with anger when they heard her words.   Mrs. Song stared at Song Wuyou, “Song Wuyou, is drugging Song Jiumei not a big deal?” Song Jiumei cried even more indignantly on the side.

“Aiyah …” Song Wuyou suddenly called out.

Gu Yanhao’s heart suddenly tightened. He stopped the hands wiping her hair and nervously looked at her, “What’s wrong?”

Song Wuyou glared at him and angrily said, “Can you be more gentle ah? It hurts when you pull my hair. “

Gu Yanhao’s exquisitely handsome face flashed a touch of guilt as his lips hooked to reveal an embarrassed smile, “For the sake of my first time drying a woman’s hair, please do not blame me.”

“I’ll blame you and blame you!” Song Wuyou had a childish expression, “Not only do I blame you, I’m also going to punish you.”

Gu Yanhao’s lips hooked as his eyes flashed, “How are you going to punish me?”

Song Wuyou hatefully glared at him, “I’ll punish you so that in this life, you can only dry my hair. You are not allowed to dry the hair of any other women.”

The laughter in Gu Yanhao’s eyes became more obvious,” I am willing to accept this punishment. ”

So angry!

Being utterly ignored, Mrs. Song’s eyes were bloodshot from anger. Song Nan clenched his teeth. Gu Yanhao’s utter disregard for them had made him very dissatisfied. Naturally, Song Jiumei was so angry she was ready to pull out Song Wuyou’s hair.

“Young Master Gu, the reason why I came today is to let Song Wuyou apologize to me – for justice to be served. I’ve never done anything against her and yet she drugged me, making me lose face in front of so many people …”

“Young Master! “Ah De suddenly hurried in, interrupting Song Jiumei’s words.

Gu Yanhao looked at him for a moment, “You got it?”

Ah De nodded, “Yes.”

Gu Yanhao’s eyes coldly swept over Song Jiumei, “Let them listen very closely.”


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