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Chapter 152: I’ll Help You Wash Your Hair In the Future

“Yes, young master.” Ah De took out a recording pen.  He pressed the key to start the playback, and soon, the recording stored in the recording pen resonated through the room.

【 Miss Song, what is this?】 A man’s voice sounded.

When she heard this voice, the colour of Song Jiumei’s face instantly changed as she stared in astonishment at the recording pen in Ah De’s hands.

【You do not need to ask what it is, all you have to do is serve this scented tea to Song Wuyou.】

It was clearly Song Jiumei’s voice. Although it was being played from a recording pen, it wasn’t difficult to hear the proud tone in her voice.

【I won’t do it if it’s poison. I’d die if it’s ever discovered.】

【All I need is for you to do a small task and I’ll give you one million dollars. What are you asking so many questions for? It’s not poison, you can rest assured.】

【 It’s really not poison?】

【If you keep asking, I’ll go find another attendant to do it!】

【Okay, I’ll go now. 】

There was a sound of the door being opened, as well as the waiter’s footsteps moving further and further away.

Soon afterwards –

【Song Wuyou, if you drink this cup of chrysanthemum tea, even the chrysanthemums may not be able to protect you!  This year’s strongest aphrodisiac on the Black Market will be drunk by you, you truly are lucky. 】

… …

Song Wuyou listened to her words and then coldly laughed.

By the time the recording playback finished, Gu Yanhao had already finished wiping Song Wuyou’s hair. Now he was using his own fingers as a comb as he untangled Song Wuyou’s hair.

Song Nan’s complexion turned very ugly as he sternly looked at Song Jiumei. Mrs. Song also stared at Song Jiumei with a disbelieving expression on her face.

Song Jiumei’s entire body started to shake in fear. She suddenly shook her head, and pointing to the recording pen in Ah De’s hands she said: “No! That’s not my voice!”

The expression of the three of them was very colourful. They were not calm and collected at all.

“Your hair is too long. Do you want to cut it a little shorter?”  It was as if Gu Yanhao couldn’t hear Song Jiumei’s roars. The expression in his eyes was tender as he watched Song Wuyou.

“Not cutting it!” Song Wuyou did not like short hair. She had not cut her hair short even when she had disguised herself as a man in her former life.

Gu Yanhao smiled as he pampered her, “Don’t cut it, I’ll help you wash it from now on.”

Song Wuyou angrily glared at him, “Remember that these are your words.”

“En.” Gu Yanhao suddenly looked at Song Jiumei.

Finally being noticed, Song Jiumei quickly cried out, “Young Master Gu, that isn’t my voice! It isn’t!”

“Yes! I can’t tell it isn’t Song Jiumei at all!” Mrs. Song pointed at Song Wuyou, “It’s definitely your slut, she learned how to mimick Song Jiumei’s voice and then recorded it! ”

Song Wuyou smiled as she glanced at the Mrs. Song’s finger pointing at her. She was definitely someone who wouldn’t cry in front of a coffin.

Gu Yanhao’s posture was tall and noble as he lazily laid half of his body onto the sofa. His hands held Song Wuyou’s hair as he played with the strands.  Her hair was really nice, it was incomparably soft like a silk cloth.

His handsome face grew colder until there was no trace of temperature in his expression. Even like this, he was still very handsome.

Song Jiumei bitterly thought in her heart: Why was she not the person sitting next to him and having her hair played around with?

“You only got a recording?” Gu Yanhao lowered his voice, his tone was frigid.

“The attendant and the video have all been brought over,” Ah De replied.

When Song Jiumei heard this, her brain exploded with a boom.  Her entire body trembled, her face paling.

Song Nan guessed what had happened when he saw Song Jiumei’s reaction,

Anger surfaced in his heart as he clenched his fist tightly.

Gu Yanhao’s eyes were cold. He faintly smiled as he watched Song Jiumei: “Do you want to see the video first or hear the waiter speak?”

Song Jiumei knew that this time, even if she denied it, there was no use.

She had been confused the entire time. She had even forgotten how diligent Gu Yanhao could be.

“I only wanted to teach Wuyou a small lesson with that drug, I failed! Somehow, I got drugged and made a fool of myself. I’m not lying, it’s true!”

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