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Chapter 153: Song Jiumei Takes A Beating

Gu Yanhao’s lips formed a shallow arc. His laughter was even more terrifying than the murderous Asura.  “Did you think you would be able to live if you were successful?”

Song Jiumei’s entire body trembled.

“You tried to drug my wife and then falsely accused my wife of drugging you?”

“She really did drug me!” Song Jiumei bitterly watched Song Wuyou. Other than Song Wuyou, who would dare to drug her?

“Bring him in.” Gu Yanhao said coldly. Ah De heard his words and made a hand motion. Not long after, a young man walked into the room; Song Jiumei’s eyes suddenly widened when she saw him, her entire body started to shake.

“Young Master Gu.” The man was not nervous when he stepped into the room, but instead very calm. He walked to Gu Yanhao’s side and respectfully greeted him.

“What’s the truth in the end?” Gu Yanhao held Song Wuyou’s black hair as he played with it. Although his whole appearance looked lazy, his body emitted a feeling of dangerous hostility.

“Miss Song gave me a check and wanted me to drug Young Madam’s chrysanthemum tea in return. However, Miss Song was too impatient. The Young Madam’s chrysanthemum tea had not been fully soaked when she dragged me to her lounge and poured the drug into a lemon floating in a cup of red wine. I then returned to the tea room to serve Young Madam her chrysanthemum tea. When I was walking back, Miss Song took the cup of red and drank it. “The man unhurriedly described the events of that day.

When she heard his words, Song Wuyou’s normally-clear eyes flashed a trace of a smile.

“Impossible!” Song Jiumei suddenly screamed, ” That cup was clearly chrysanthemum tea, how could it be red wine? ”

“Miss Song, that cup had a lemon floating in the red wine; it should taste sweet yet sour and appear to be a light yellow colour. ” The young man said to Song Jiumei.

When she heard his words, Song Jiumei’s entire body sunk down like a balloon deflating. She tried to remember the red wine she had drank that night. It was true that the taste had been very strange, but at that time she was too caught up in watching Song Wuyou’s reaction and didn’t give much thought to it.

“You -” Song Jiumei’s face was distorted as she suddenly pointed to the man, “You deserve a painful death for betraying me! ”

“I am only loyal to Young Master Gu,” the man’s gaze swept Song Jiumei indifferently.

Song Jiumei felt as if someone had grabbed her throat and trapped the air inside her lungs.

“You are Young Master Gu’s person?” Mrs. Song asked as she stared at the man

The corners of Gu Yanhao’s lips hooked and he lazily said: “All of the servers at the party were my people.”

Song Jiumei and Mrs. Song’s expressions suddenly changed. When Song Nan heard this, he felt his thick-skinned face had been lost thoroughly by Song Jiumei. Now that the evidence had already reached to this extent, everything that happened was quite clear to him.

Song Jiumei had wanted to drug Song Wuyou, but had accidentally drugged herself. It seemed like losing her own face wasn’t enough, she had even wanted to blame Song Wuyou and dragged him here in the middle of the night.  Song Nan’s anger couldn’t be contained as he rushed forward and mercilessly threw Song Jiumei a slap in the face, “Slap -”

“Ah … …” Song Nan’s action was swift and decisive, making Song Jiumei scream in pain.  The slap was very heavy.  Not to mention her beaten face, Song Jiumei felt that even her eardrums were vibrating from the slap.

“This prodigal daughter of yours! Doing bad things and then trying to blame Wuyou! My Song family having this kind of a daughter will have misfortune for a long time!” Song Nan pointed to Song Jiumei as he cursed,

Song lady quickly came forward, holding Song Jiumei carefully behind her as she stared at Song Nan, “Are you crazy?! How could you act so severely?”

Song Nan’s face flushed red with anger, “I punished her too severely? I wish I could trample her to death right now!”

“Noisy.” Song Wuyou’s voice softly resonated through the room.

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