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Chapter 155: You’re My Wife, I’ll Protect You

Watching his own daughter slap his wife, Song Nan’s mood was indescribably terrible. He had wanted to come forward to push Song Wuyou off, but every time he saw the sneer on Gu Yanhao’s face, he cowardly stopped all of his actions.

“You little slut, ah …” Song Wuyou’s slaps became more and more severe each time Mrs. Song cursed her. Finally, Mrs. Song held her face and shrunk into her own space, crying as she stared at Song Wuyou. Song Jiumei was scared to death by Song Wuyou’s actions. She was so terrified that she had forgotten to have any reaction at all.  Even Xu Jing and Ah De revealed a stunned expression. This was the Song Wuyou they had known all along?

After finishing with Mrs. Song, Song Wuyou gazed coldly at Song Jiumei, “Your turn.”


“Thwack.” Suddenly a deep palm print appeared on Song Jiumei’s cheek. “Song Wuyou, you dare to hit me, ah …”

Song Wuyou had no mercy and gave Song Jiumei another heavy slap on the face.

“You’ve tried to drug me repeatedly. I’ll slap you the same amount of times you’ve tried to drug me!” Song Wuyou said coldly.  She slapped both the left and the right side, exactly as she had done to Mrs. Song.

Thwack thwack thwack thwack …

Song Wuyou paused only after she had consecutively slapped Song Jiumei four times.

“Hum …”

Song Jiumei clutched her face in pain. Her eyes that stared at Song Wuyou were filled with resentment.

“You even dare to have a crush on my husband? You deserve to be hit!” Song Wuyou used one hand to seize Song Jiumei’s oval-shaped face while raising the other hand.

“Thwack -” Another heavy slap fell on her face.  Song Jiumei had been slapped so severely that her lips had cracked and blood was trickling down her face. Watching from the side, Song Nan’s complexion had turned green.  His eyes held a glint of the unknown as he stared in shock at Song Wuyou.

This person in front of him was his daughter?

Although Song Wuyou was arrogant before, in front of Song Jiumei and Song Jiuyue, she was like a straw bag.  How did she change today? Song Nan glanced at Gu Yanhao.

Gu Yanhao’s lips curved sardonically, and his deep eyes held a trace of satisfaction as he watched Song Wuyou.

Song Nan was suddenly startled. So it was like this…  Only with Gu Yanhao’s favour would Song Wuyou dare to presumptuously hit them like this …

When she finished, Song Wuyou walked back to Gu Yanhao’s side and sat down.

She glanced at Gu Yanhao and suddenly revealed a lovable expression, “My hands hurt.”

“Let me see.” Gu Yanhao picked up the hand she had used to slap. Her white hands had already turned red from the impact.  He frowned and said, “Next time let Xu Jing do this kind of rough work.”

Xu Jing froze for a moment. She did not dare to hit Song Jiumei and the others-

“Hum …”

Song Jiumei cried in pain. Mrs. Song was also weeping, but her eyes looked at Song Wuyou as if she wanted to kill her.

Hearing their cries, Gu Yanhao raised his eyebrows and coldly glanced at Song Nan, “Still not taking your people and leaving immediately? Could it be you intend to live at my house for the night?”

Song Nan quickly got up when he heard his words and sharply glared at Song Jiumei, “Why are you crying? You couldn’t even handle a few slaps? You still don’t want to roll back?”

Song Jiumei roared, and her crying became even more powerful.

… … …

After Song Nan and the others left, the living room became very quiet.

Gu Yanhao held Song Wuyou’s hand and gently rubbed. Song Wuyou didn’t take her hand back, but instead let him rub. The warm temperature in his fingers spread to her palm and let her heart soften for a moment.

“Thank you.” Song Wuyou looked at him, lightly starting the conversation.

Gu Yanhao looked at her oddly, “Thank me for what? Why should you thank me?”

“Proving that I didn’t drug Song Jiumei.”

“You are my wife. Isn’t protecting you what I should be doing?”

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