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Chapter 156: Song Wuyou is Fake

“The drug in Song Jiumei’s drink wasn’t executed by your people.” Song Wuyou looked at him and stated with certainty.

“You knew?” One of Gu Yanhao’s eyebrow rose to his forehead.

Song Wuyou: “It was Mu Gu.”

Gu Yanhao: “How did you know?”

Song Wuyou:  “He confessed to me himself.”

Gu Yanhao: “…………..”

Song Wuyou smiled faintly while looking at him, “But your way was very good. Like this, Song Jiumei would be even more frustrated and angry, and no one would blame Mu Gu.”

Gu Yanhao held her petite hands in his, “Song Wuyou, your performance just now was excellent!”

“You don’t think I’m like a vulgar woman?”

An indulgent smile crept up Gu Yanhao’s face, “Facing someone that is bullying oneself, one should always return it tenfold, a hundredfold.”  

Somehow, hearing this made Song Wuyou’s heart relaxed. Why is this? Does she mind how he sees her?

“What if I’m unable to return it?” Song Wuyou asked.

“I’ll help you return it.” Gu Yanhao’s hand reached for the curve of her neck, gently rubbing, caressing. There was mirth in his eyes as he looked at her, “The way you acted spoiled earlier was very endearing.”

Song Wuyou: “……………”

Truly 囧 (embarrassing), she only did that to taunt Song Jiumei.

“Whore! Slut!” The instant Song Jiumei reached her room, she started cursing Song Wuyou. Looking at her own reflection in her mirror, her swollen face no different than a pig’s head, Song Jiumei’s rage and hatred soared to the sky. Song Jiuyue entered her room holding a medicine ointment for swelling and bruises.

Song Jiumei swirled around with a sorrowful expression aimed at at Song Jiuyue. With an edge in her voice she declared, “Dajie, Song Wuyou deserves to die!”

“Your face is already swollen like this, first put on some ointment.” Song Jiuyue said simply.

Song Jiumei gritted her teeth in anger, “However many slaps she gave me today, one day I will pay it back!”

While putting on the ointment for Song Jiumei, Song Jiuyue’s cold voice said, “The Song Wuyou now is not that easy to bully anymore.”

Because now she has Gu Yanhao’s favor.

“Dajie, can a car accident change someone to such an extreme?” Song Jiumei looked expectantly at Song Jiuyue.

“Isn’t Song Wuyou a good example?”

“I suspect this Song Wuyou is fake!”

Song Jiuyue’s hand paused momentarily, all her attention on Song Jiumei, “What do you mean?”

“Song Wuyou was nothing but a straw bag when facing us. She never dared to talk back or do anything when we bullied her, not to mention countering. Tonight, she hit me and our mother. That look in her eyes was scary.”

“That is because Young Master Gu was there, bolstering her courage.” Sadness flickered across Song Jiuyue’s eyes as she said this. Gu Yanhao thinks that she pushed Song Wuyou into the sea. How will she face him in the office on Monday?

“Young Master Gu had always disliked her and was disdainful towards her. Why did he change so suddenly?” Song Jiumei voiced her doubt.

Song Jiuyue shot her a reproachful glare, “Wasn’t that all your fault for putting the drug into Young Master Gu’s drink, resulting in them sleeping together?!”

“That’s not it!” Song Jiumei’s volume rose, “That car accident was very severe. The entire front of the car was wrecked! How could someone not die?”

Song Jiuyue sneered, “You suspect the real Song Wuyou died in the car crash and this is a fake Song Wuyou?”

Song Jiumei nodded adamantly, “Yes!”

“So what if she’s a fake? The one Young Master Gu likes is the current Song Wuyou. Even if she’s a fake, he doesn’t mind.” Song Jiuyue continued to smear ointment on Song Jiumei, “If she’s a fake, at most it only means that she isn’t Daddy’s daughter. It doesn’t influence the position she has in Young Master Gu’s heart at all.”

Song Jiumei gnashed her teeth, eyes venomous and cold, “Then, are we just gonna let her snub us like this?”

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