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Chapter 157: Heart, Stabbed Mercilessly

Song Jiuyue directly pushed open the door to Gu Yanhao’s office. Gu Yanhao reclined lazily in his armchair, his right hand twiddling with a fountain pen. He sat facing the office lounge with an elegant smile hanging off his thin lips.  Song Jiuyue suddenly bursting into his office caused his eyes to turn sharp and cold as he looked over. Facing Song Jiuyue he growled, “Why didn’t you knock?”

“Young Master Gu, why am I not on the list of outstanding employees?” Song Jiuyue questioned with haste.

Every year at this time, the Gu Group would post a list of outstanding employees, with each outstanding employees being rewarded with a generous bonus. Song Jiuyue had never been left off the list since she joined Gu Group. She takes her work seriously, she’s meticulous, and her designs were well-received.

Honestly, she’d worked hard to create fresh, invigorating designs for the Gu Group. All her designs topped the annual sales charts, therefore, she couldn’t understand why, her name wasn’t on the list of outstanding employees this year because performance reports clearly showed that in the last twelve months, her designs garnered the highest volume of sales.

Best sales performance and diligent at work – but she wasn’t one of the outstanding employees? Song Jiuyue was upset and dissatisfied.

Gu Yanhao’s gaze swept over her sharply, “When every employee first starts their employment, Human Resource supplies them with an Employee’s Handbook. Did you read it?”

A brilliant light shone in Song Jiuyue’s eyes, “Performance reports show that this year, I’m at the top.”

Gu Yanhao’s eyes grew cold, “To be an outstanding employee, other than excellent performance, they must also be honest.”

Song Jiuyue paled at this remark. Was It because at Mu Xin’s party she’d claimed that the winning design was her creation? That was why her qualification was revoked?

“Gu…” Song Jiuyue wanted to explain, but at this time the lounge door on the other side opened and Song Wuyou walked out. Seeing that Song Wuyou was wearing Gu Group’s uniform, Song Jiuyue’s eyes rounded  with shock as she stared at Song Wuyou.

Song Wuyou glanced indifferently at Song Jiuyue before turning to Gu Yanhao, frowning slightly, “Gu Yanhao, this skirt, isn’t it too short?”

Gu Yanhao studied her appearance, a light of appreciation flashing in the depth of his eyes. Wearing this professional looking uniform, she looked the very definition of elite, mature, and beautiful. There was also the temptation of a woman in uniform.

The way Gu Yanhao looked at her and Song Jiuyue, was like a hundred and eighty degrees different. His sight fell on the hemline of Song Wuyou’s skirt, right above the knees, “Just nice, not short.”

“It’s tight.” Song Wuyou was, in more ways than one, unhappy with modern clothing design.

Gu Yanhao’s eyes traveled along the length of her long, good-looking legs, insisting, “Not tight, it fits you well.”

“You’re coming to work at Gu Group?” Song Jiuyue had difficulty believing what she was seeing. Song Wuyou had no skills, and her highest education was only high school level. What was she doing in Gu Group?!

“If I’m not at Gu Group to work, why would I change into the Gu Group’s uniform?” Song Wuyou asked with a small chuckle. When working for the Gu Group one must comply with very strict rules, not only one’s working attitude, even dressing had certain rules and standards. On normal working days, professional attire was compulsory.

“Song Wuyou will be serve as the Design department’s 2nd team Team Leader.” Gu Yanhao turned towards Song Jiuyue, “You bring her over, let her get familiarized with the environment first.”

What?! Song Jiuyue felt as if her heart had been stabbed mercilessly by Gu Yanhao’s words. She turned to Song Wuyou with an astonished expression.

Song Wuyou would be serving as Team Leader?

She had worked in the Gu Group for so long that with her excellent performance  record she was known to be a senior designer in the fashion design industry, and hailed internally by the design department as their ‘chief designer’, but in Gu Group, she was only the 1st team’s Team Leader.

Song Wuyou doesn’t know anything, yet she was able to come in at the same level as her?

In the past, Gu Yanhao had never relented whenever Song Wuyou clamored to enter Gu Group. Why did he changed his mind now?

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