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Chapter 158: She Is The President’s Wife

“Yes, Young Master Gu.” No matter how much discontent Song Jiuyue felt, she dared not display it in front of Gu Yanhao.

Gu Yanhao turned back to Song Wuyou with a gentle look, “You go with Song Jiuyue first, get familiarized with the department. I’ll come look for you after I’m done with my meeting.”

Song Wuyou nodded, “Okay.”

Song Jiuyue led Song Wuyou out of Gu Yanhao’s office, all the way back to the Design department. Song Wuyou’s presence attracted the attention of many employees, most being looks of awe, while those who recognized Song Wuyou’s face were astonished: Mrs. President came to work?

Entering the elevator, coincidentally, there was only Song Wuyou and Song Jiuyue inside.

“Song Wuyou, climbing onto Young Master Gu’s bed, and now even getting the design Team Leader position, do  you feel like you have the world under your feet?” Song Jiuyue shot Song Wuyou an icy stare, her tone carrying a heavy hint of ridicule as she sneered, “You don’t know anything and have no skills. Can you even keep your Team Leader position for long?”

“Who knows everything the moment they are born? I don’t know anything, but I can learn ah.” Song Wuyou smiled. As for whether she felt she had the world under her feet, there was no doubt about it. Gu Yanhao had promised to give her a cut of 5% of the profits from all her design’s sales. In other words, as long as she worked hard to create beautiful clothes, bringing in good sales, she would earn a lot, a LOT of money.

In the past, she had no income. Every month she would need to take allowance money from Song Nan like a beggar, no dignity at all.

“Learn?” Song Jiuyue sneered, “You coming here to the company is nothing more than showing off in front of me because Young Master Gu is spoiling you at the moment.”

Song Wuyou magnanimously admitted: “That’s true.” That was why she declined An Zhanggong’s invitation. In all honesty, there were two reasons why she declined An Zhanggong’s invitation: one: the original host’s feelings towards Gu Yanhao were still too deep. Between Gu Group and Anmei Group, the original host would no doubt choose Gu Group, and two: Song Wuyou indeed wanted to stimulate Song Jiuyue.

Song Jiuyue suddenly had the feeling she was punching cotton.

“You’ve really changed.” Song Jiuyue scrutinized Song Wuyou.  

“Remain unchanged so you all can continue to bully me?”

“At Mu Xin’s party, you jumped into the sea on purpose,” Song Jiuyue said with certainty in her voice.

Song Wuyou jutted her chin out complacently, fully displaying a provocative ‘so-what-if-I-did’ look at Song Jiuyue.

Seeing the expression on Song Wuyou’s face, Song Jiuyue gritted her teeth, “Song Wuyou you…” slut.


The elevator stopped and the doors slowly opened. Outside, there were people waiting to get on.

Song Wuyou raised her chin, sending Song Jiuyue a faint smile as she lifted her long legs and stepped out of the elevator. Song Jiuyue was red with anger from being on the receiving end of Song Wuyou’s complacent attitude. The word she was about to scold Song Wuyou with was halted by the elevator stopping, making her boil inside.

“So beautiful ah!”

“Her skin is so smooth and white, just like a nectarine.”

“She looks familiar ah, who is she? Oh, I remember now, she’s the President’s wife.”

“No way? Was the President’s wife this beautiful?”

“Didn’t the rumors say Mrs. President is very ugly and arrogant, and that she lacks culture?”

Song Wuyou stepped out of the elevator calmly with a smile on her face, bypassing the people waiting for the elevator, leaving a faint fragrant lingering in the air. When she was some distance away, those people had still forgotten to enter the elevator, only looking at Song Wuyou’s silhouette.

Of course these rumors had reached their ears. Listening to their discussions, Song Wuyou acted as if nothing happened. Song Jiuyue, however, was fuming inside. Song Wuyou’s coming to work in Gu Group, was it to let everyone know that she is the President’s wife?

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