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Chapter 159: Song Wuyou Becoming More Devious

Song Jiuyue suddenly discovered Song Wuyou was becoming more devious and scheming. Compared to the past, she has become much smarter.

Reaching the Design department. Song Jiuyue introduced Song Wuyou to everyone with 120% reluctance. As to be expected, she introduced Song Wuyou as a new colleague who would fill the position of 2nd team’s Team Leader, conveniently ignoring that she was Gu Yanhao’s wife. Still, in M City, many people knew the name ‘Song Wuyou’ because her reputation ‘precedes’ her, not to mention that she holds the other position much coveted by M City’s women: being Gu Yanhao’s wife.

After the 2nd team’s leader resigned three months ago, the position remained vacant. All of the Design department employees strived to perform at work, clocking in overtime for the past three months to showcase themselves, hoping to pass the audit assessment to be promoted to the position, to be like Song Jiuyue, free to display her work as she liked without the normal work restriction boundaries, but no one thought that a Song Wuyou would jump out of nowhere.

The majority, no, all of the Gu Group employees knew that although the President has a wife, but he doesn’t love her or pamper her at all. Therefore when Song Jiuyue introduced Song Wuyou as the new 2nd team Team Leader, most of the design staff didn’t even bother to disguise the dissatisfied expressions on their faces.

“All of us here graduated after studying for a long time. I even went abroad to study. After being in the  Gu Group for three years, I’ve been listed as an outstanding employee once, but I’m still just a normal member of staff. She doesn’t have the education or the work experience, so how is she qualified to sit in the Team Leader’s position?” A woman with long hair down to her waist, styled in big wavy curls, muttered this all too clearly.

Another young woman standing next to her whispered, “I graduated from a professional design school yet still needed to start from the bottom, drawing lines. Only after working in the Gu Group for two years was I promoted to designer. Other people come and immediately they become Team Leader above us. What can we do when she is the company President’s wife?”

Though they may have been whispering, Song Wuyou heard every word clearly. She smiled faintly at them. As for their whispers, she did not mention a word.

Song Jiuyue frowned slightly as she watched Song Wuyou’s tepid reaction. In the past, if anyone said anything bad about her, she would fly off the handle instantly, but now, facing everyone’s ridicule and mockery she remained so calm? Song Jiuyue suddenly thought of Song Jiumei’s words. Could it be she really wasn’t the old Song Wuyou? Then… does she know how to design clothes?

“Very well, everyone return to their work station.” Song Jiuyue put on her Team Leader stance. When Song Jiuyue issued the order, all of the staff scuttled back to their work stations.

“Team Leader Song, what skills do you have?” Song Jiuyue had a catty smile on her face as she looked at Song Wuyou.

“Why don’t you show me around first?” Song Wuyou retorted.

Song Jiuyue barely managed to keep a stiff smile on her face as she said, “Please follow me.” Contrary to expectations, Song Jiuyue was extremely patient as she showed Song Wuyou around the design department. Song Wuyou yawned as she listened to the dribble. Does making a dress needs to be so complicated?

Near the end, Song Jiuyue led Song Wuyou to the tailoring section, standing in front of a large scale sewing machine. Song Jiuyue pointed at the sewing machine, “This is the sewing machine that I normally use. The products sewn from this machine are close to perfect. The borders are cleaner than any other machines. Team Leader Song, would you like to give it a try?”

Song Wuyou shook her head, looking disinterested, “I don’t know how to use this kind of machines.”

Song Jiuyue looked  at Song Wuyou in surprise when she heard that, her voice raised a little too high as she asked, “As a Team Leader, you don’t know how to use a sewing machine?”

Song Jiuyue’s ‘surprise’ exclamation instantly attracted the attention of everyone in the tailoring section. Their gazes fell on Song Wuyou, some even carried a hint of dissatisfaction.

Doesn’t even know how to use a sewing machine, yet still wants to sit in the leader position?!

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