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Chapter 16: Let’s See if You Dare to Act Arrogant in front of Me Again

“Resorting to unscrupulous means to climb onto Young Master Gu’s bed! But still doesn’t behave herself after obtaining the position as his wife. And now, even dare to act impudent in public, raising her hand on her own meimei[1]. This kind of woman is really vicious.”

“Is that true? I heard some time ago, she was involved in a serious car accident. There was rumored that the accident had cost her her own life. How could she be wandering around already?”

“God really has no eyes. The good people live a short life, yet a scourge lives a hundred years!”

“She’s that notorious Mrs. Gu, ah? Really didn’t expect her to be such a stunning woman! How could her heart be so black?”

“The word ‘vixen’ is practically carved deep into her bones, which part is stunning? Like mother like daughter! I heard her mother was a bar singer. She also drugged the Old Mr. Song and then climbed onto his bed. Then, after getting herself pregnant, she demanded Old Mr. Song to divorce Mrs. Song. In the end, she was abandoned by Old Mr. Song.”

“Aiyoo, how did you know all these?”

“Mrs. Song and I are good friends. We often play mahjong together. Of course, I know!”


Watching Song Wuyou hit Song Jiumei, all the people around, whether they actually knew Song Wuyou or not started gossiping in whispers.

In a matter of seconds, unpleasant words were aimed at Song Wuyou.

However, Song Wuyou acted as though she did not hear anything as she looked at Song Jiumei with a calm and unperturbed manner. The cold sneer still hung on her face.

Receiving Song Wuyou’s slap, the spoiled-rotten Song Jiumei was shocked and froze for three seconds, unmoving. What had just taken place was totally out of her scope of understanding at that moment.

When reality had finally dawned on her, she felt a scorching pain coming from her cheek. The pain felt like someone had wielded a sharp knife and slashed her cheek cruelly, and then half a bowl of chili paste was rubbed onto the wound. The burning pain reached her eyes.

Song Jiumei’s eyes turned scarlet. She glared at Song Wuyou with fury and hatred evidently embedded in her eyes, a trace of disbelief was also present.

“Song Wuyou, you dare to hit me!” it was a hysterical shriek.

Song Wuyou scoffed and took two steps forward.

Suddenly, Song Jiumei felt it was hard to breath. It felt as if a menacing pressure came from Song Wuyou, suffocating her.

Subconsciously, Song Jiumei retreated half a step back. Song Wuyou seized the chance to close in on her by moving half a step.

Looking at Song Wuyou, Song Jiumei remembered she was the dignified Second Miss of the family, she could not lose her ground in front of Song Wuyou.

Thus, as Song Wuyou was taking that half step forward, Song Jiumei stood still. Her chin tilted up like a proud peacock, staring at Song Wuyou with displeasure.

Song Wuyou leaned in. Her face was a mere centimeters away from Song Jiumei’s as she positioned her lips close to Song Jiumei’s ear: “Slut like you deserved to be slapped!”

Hearing this, Song Jiumei’s face burned with rage: “Song Wuyou, don’t act too conceited. I will tell Daddy to stop your allowance. Let’s see if you dare to act arrogant in front of me again!”

It was no secret in M City, that Gu Yanhao did not have any affections towards Song Wuyou. So the man would not give any spending money to her.

If the money from the Song Family were to be stopped, then Song Wuyou probably needed to sweep the streets.

“Perhaps, I would be even more brazen if you stop my allowance.” Song Wuyou had a‘I could not care less’ expression on her face.

Song Jiumei was stunned for a moment. Song Wuyou had always been afraid of Song Family stopping her allowance to the point that she always been weak and timid in front of her and Song Jiuyue.

Now, she doesn’t care?

Did Young Master Gu give her money?

Impossible! Gu Yanhao loathed her. When she was lying unconscious in the hospital, Gu Yanhao never visited her. Not even once. Moreover, knowing Song Wuyou had miscarried, not only Gu Yanhao did not feel grief, instead, he went to ask Old Grandfather Gu’s permission for a divorce.

Judging from all these facts, Young Master Gu desperately wished this woman to get out from his life as soon as possible. Why would he give her spending money?

Then, a thought crossed Song Jiumei’s mind, ‘Perhaps, this woman agrees to have a divorce. And in return, Young Master Gu must give her a lot of money as compensation?’


[1] Meimei means little sister/younger sister

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