ENH C160

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Chapter 160: I’ll Teach You

Song Wuyou laughed lightly, “Who says one must know how to use a sewing machine to be the Team Leader? If I know how to use a sewing machine, what are master tailors  for?”

Everyone around was a little stunned at that sentence. It… made sense.

“I think you’re just twisting the words to suit yourself,” Song Jiuyue snickered.

“I’m not stopping you.”

Song Jiuyue: “Meaning to say, you also don’t know how to make clothes?”

Song Wuyou: “If I said yes, would you believe it?”

Song Jiuyue: “You don’t even know how to use a sewing machine?, Don’t tell me you plan to sew it thread by thread?”

Song Wuyou: “Doesn’t a machine work by thread by thread too?”

It was just that a sewing machine was much faster than a human, but in Song Wuyou’s opinion, the details and the workmanship quality were not something a sewing machine could compare to.

Song Jiuyue: “Surviving a car crash turned you into a sharp-tongued tramp.”

Leaving the tailoring section, they returned to the design workstations. Song Jiuyue was in a bad mood over not being chosen as an outstanding employee this time around. On top of that, Song Wuyou was coming to work in the same department as her, and that only made her day worse. After a while, she took out some of the design sketches she made some time ago and walked over to Song Wuyou’s place. When Song Jiyuyue saw her, Song Wuyou was sitting in front of the television watching a live telecast of a British fashion design contest.

“First day of work and you’re here watching TV?” Song Jiuyue snapped condescendingly.  

“I’m watching a live fashion contest.” For inspiration. She wanted to create a modern day ensemble bearing the flavor of the X Dynasty. That was why she would watch the fashion channel whenever she had the time.

“This is just like standing beside the swimming pool, watching others swim and thinking you can swim too. No matter how long you watch, you still can’t swim.”

“Doesn’t matter, as long as it can pass the time.” Song Wuyou raised her cup, sipping her tea.

Song Jiuyue nearly slammed the design sketches in her hand onto Song Wuyou’s desk, “Enter the design into the computer system, and do a color swatch at the same time.”

Song Wuyou took a quick glance over the design sketches placed in front of her, then she raised her head. Looking at Song Jiuyue, “What is a color swatch?”

Hearing this, Song Jiuyue laughed exaggeratedly, “Oh my God, engaging in design, and you’re telling me that you don’t even know what a color swatch is?”

Song Jiuyue’s words made everyone in the design department turn to look in Song Wuyou’s direction.

Song Wuyou blinked at her innocently, “Who told you I engaged in design?”

Song Jiuyue: “Team Leader Song, this is the design department. Of course everyone here is engaged in designing.”

Song Wuyou: “I don’t engage in design, I understand design.”

Song Jiuyue: “You… fine, you understand design, but you don’t understand color swatching?”

Song Wuyou: “Pardon me, not only I do not know how to color swatch, don’t even know how to enter your designs into the computer.”

Song Jiuyue: “Hehe, for someone relying on sexual favors to climb to this position you act quite arrogant.”

Song Wuyou pushed aside the stash of design sketches from Song Jiuyue saying, “Take these away, don’t bother me while I’m watching the live telecast.”

“Song Wuyou…”

“What are you two arguing about?” Suddenly, a low, sharp voice came from the door. Song Wuyou merely turned around, and then returned to her fashion channel, whereas Song Jiuyue jumped back. Seeing Gu Yanhao’s tall silhouette walking in through the doors, her eyes lit up. Taking two steps forward, Song Jiuyue’s tone carried a hint of blame, “Young Master Gu, I asked Song Wuyou to enter the designs into the system and to color swatch them so that she could learn something more, but not only did she refuse to do it, she even said she wanted to watch television.”

Gu Yanhao’s deep eyes swept over Song Jiuyue indifferently.

Song Jiuyue continued, “I told her to go learn from the master tailor how to use sewing machines, but again she refused, claiming she has no interest in sewing.”

Hearing this, Gu Yanhao’s proud brows rose slightly as he moved behind Song Wuyou. His sight fell on the screen, “Live fashion contest?”

Song Wuyou nodded, “En.”

“Why refuse to do the color swatches?” Doing color swatches can help one’s color matching skills, so wasn’t that good?

Song Wuyou answered honestly, “I don’t know how.”

Gu Yanhao’s lips arched into a devilish smile, “I’ll teach you.”

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