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Chapter 161: Who Said the President’s Wife Was Not Pampered?

An expression of disbelief crept up Song Jiuyue’s face as she listened to their dialogue. He’ll teach Song Wuyou? The other staff were also dumbfounded. Their President rarely visited the Design department. If there were any matters, it was always his Secretary liaising with them. As they said, the small shrimps rarely get a glimpse of the Dragon God. This was the first time this year that the President came down to their Design department.

Gu Yanhao pulled over a chair, sitting down next to Song Wuyou. He moved the computer closer and switched off her live telecast saying, “You don’t know how to use the computer to draw, so you can draw on paper first and then scan it.”

Gu Yanhao picked up one of Song Jiuyue’s design sketches, his low husky voice explaining patiently, melting all the female hearts in the design department.

Song Wuyou watched him quietly, her expression unreadable.

“This is a scanner.” Gu Yanhao lightly patted the boxy looking thing at the corner of the desk.

“En,” Song Wuyou indicated her understanding.

“Place the paper inside, the scanning instruction will appear automatically on the computer screen. You just need to click ‘OK’, and then open the design mapping software to incorporate the scanned design.”

“After the scan is incorporated, anything that you feel is lacking can be altered easily. After that, you can make edits. Color swatching means doing a color story for the clothes, and you can choose whatever colors you like. If you feel it’s too dark, you can lighten it; too light and you can darken it…”

Gu Yanhao explained patiently to Song Wuyou as he tested an example for her too see. His soft deep voice in the female’s ears was akin to expert fingers strumming the chords of their hearts. Standing closest to them, Song Jiuyue was looking very good. Gu Yanhao’s voice, which was getting gentler with each word, bewitched her senses – but he was saying these words to Song Wuyou, not to her.

Song Wuyou was like a model student, listening attentively as Gu Yanhao’s taught. While he was explaining, his slender fingers danced on the keyboard with extreme ease and familiarity. He did all of this while looking extremely cool. Not needing long, the design he scanned into the computer was completed with color swatches as well. The blouse, the skirt, and the collars all had different colors yet it was well matched and nicely paired.

Song Wuyou appeared to be well behaved, but… not one word Gu Yanhao said entered her ears. His low husky voice drilled into her ears as she stared at him, lost in thought.

In the past during war, she and her brothers used to gather together to listen to Dongfang Xuan analyze and explain tactics for defense or attacks. In this life, Gu Yanhao was like a war god on the business front while Dongfang Xuan was a war god on the battlefield.  Everytime she listened to how Dongfang deployed her barack brothers in a defense stratagram, Song Wuyou felt this man was so daring and valiant.

“What do you think about this set of clothes?” Gu Yanhao suddenly asked as he looked over at her.

The faraway Song Wuyou returned to her senses quickly. Converging the emotions in her eyes, she turned towards the monitor. The design was only so-so, but after Gu Yanhao’s color swatching, it added a certain charm that lit it up like a lightbulb.

Song Wuyou’s eyes scanned the bottom corner of the screen, it actually took a good half an hour to color swatch this set of clothes? In half an hour, she could have finished searching for the type of cloth, and probably started to stitch.

“It’s looks nice, but too complex.” Song Wuyou said.

Gu Yanhao’s eyebrow rose up, a faint smile on his lips, “Was the color complex or are the design details complex?”

Wa~~~ the President actually smiled!

The design department colleagues were instantly mesmerized by the President’s faint smile. This was their first time seeing the President smile, and such a charming smile at that.

Who said the President’s wife was not pampered?

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