ENH C162

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Chapter 162: They Didn’t Seem to Like Me Very Much Just Now.

Song Wuyou looked at the design in the monitor: “Both are complex.”

“Are they?” Gu Yanhao chuckled softly.

Song Wuyou looked at Gu Yanhao, “You give me a separate, independent office.” She doesn’t need to do color swatches as long as they provided her with a myriad of different coloured cloths.

Hearing Song Wuyou’s request, Song Jiuyue frowned; an independent office? Does she think she’s the President, or even a Manager? She thought Gu Yanhao would refuse, but she didn’t expect to hear…

“How big of an office do you need?”

“As big as your President’s office.”

“Okay.” Gu Yanhao turned around. Looking at Song Jiuyue he said, “Bring over the keys for the Manager’s office.”


When the staff heard this, everyone’s eyes lit up. The President wants to let Mrs. President use the Design department Chief’s room? The Chief Designer was a position added this year. The office and everything was already well prepared. Song Jiuyue was very confident that she would be promoted to that position,  but she didn’t expect, the office would be given to Song Wuyouㅡ

Song Jiuyue was a hundred times unwilling, but did she have a choice?

“Yes.” She shot Gu Yanhao a grievous look as if she had just been bullied. She turned around, heading to her own workstation. Opening the drawer, she took out a bunch of keys and passed them over to Gu Yanhao.

Taking the keys, Gu Yanhao pulled Song Wuyou up from her seat, “Go see if the Chief Designer room is big enough.”

“I need an assistant, can I have one?” Song Wuyou asked.

“You can even have two,” Gu Yanhao said, the corner of his lips arching up.

When they passed by Song Jiuyue, Song Wuyou shot her a lazy victorious smirk.  Seeing that expression, Song Jiuyue gritted her teeth. Wench!

“Am I dreaming? I just saw the President smile.” After Gu Yanhao and Song Wuyou went into the Chief Designer’s room, one of the female staff fangirled over the President: “When the President smiles, it’s too sensual.”

“You weren’t dreaming. We saw it too,” another woman exclaimed in a sour tone.

“Mrs. President is so blessed, she could get the President to laugh at her.”

“In my opinion, the rumors outside cannot be trusted. From what I saw, the President is very loving towards Mrs. President.”

“I agree. They also say Mrs. President is not cultured, not beautiful.”

“Enough!” Song Jiuyue suddenly glared sharply at the group of gossiping women, “Are all of you so free? Wag your tongues anymore, and all of you can go clean the toilet!”


The Chief Designer’s room wasn’t as big as the President’s room, but the location was very convenient, and whatever Song Wuyou needed to use was around. The room was decorated with simple furnishings, and Song Wuyou was very satisfied. She requested that Gu Yanhao to add a two meter wide table, textile scissors, needles and thread.  Whatever she wanted, Gu Yanhao agreed. The final issue was: an assistant.

Gu Yanhao led her back to the design department. Standing in front of everyone he announced solemnly, “Pick, the one you select will be your assistant.”

When Gu Yanhao spoke those words, everyone’s eyes lit up. Anticipative gazes were directed at Song Wuyou, relaying their strong desire to become her assistant.  Regardless of how bad she might be, she was still the President’s wife. Look at how good the President was treating her. There’s a lot of face working close to the President’s wife.

Song Wuyou nonchalantly scanned the crowd, “They didn’t seem to like me very much just now.” Even discussing her right in front of her face. The few people who had talked about Song Wuyou became awkward.

“How about I send Secretary Zhang over?” Gu Yanhao turned to the side, looking at her.

“Don’t want.” Song Wuyou pouted her lips, pretending to act spoiled.

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