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Chapter 163: A Smile Like Fresh Spring

If Gu Yanhao arranged to have his secretary over, wouldn’t that mean she would be watched all the time?

But Song Jiuyue listening on the side was burning with jealousy. Song Wuyou, this slut, really doesn’t know how to be content ah! The entire Design department staff were there for her to choose from, and she even declined having the President’s secretary?!

All three of Gu Yanhao’s secretaries were selected after a meticulous and arduous selection process of exams and interviews at several stages.  Looks, figures, education, capability… not one aspect was overlooked. Especially Secretary Zhang. She was Gu Yanhao’s most capable assistant. He was willing to send Secretary Zhang over, and Song Wuyou actually rejected her. The most important thing of all was that Gu Yanhao wasn’t angry at all.

“I’ll tell Human Resource to recruit.” Gu Yanhao said.

“No need.” Song Wuyou went on to say, “I want Xu Jing.”

“Xu Jing?” Gu Yanhao was doubtful, “Xu Jing doesn’t have any skills.”

“Xu Jing knows how to use the computer.”

“Okay, if you want Xu Jing, then Xu Jing it is. Bring her here tomorrow.”

Song Wuyou suddenly smiled at Gu Yanhao, “Thank you very much ah.”

Gu Yanhao stared in a complete daze. Her smile was exceptionally beautiful. Her smile was like a flower in full bloom.

Gu Yanhao raised his arm, checking the branded watch on his wrist, “There’s half an hour more before we break. You must be hungry. We’ll go out for dinner.”

“Where?” Song Wuyou asked.

Gu Yanhao smiled, “Up to you.”

“Can we eat at the company canteen?” Song Wuyou asked, her long lashes fluttered as she blinked at Gu Yanhao.

The smile in Gu Yanhao’s eyes deepened, “Of course.”


After they left, Song Jiuyue stormed back to her work station in a huff. She bowed her head down, away from peering eyes as she gritted her teeth vehemently, hands twisting the corner of her skirt.

Deliberate! Song Wuyou did it on purpose! Provoking her, and then showing off!

Why can’t they eat outside? Why must they eat at the company canteen? She wanted to show off her lovey-dovey relationship with Young Master Gu in front of the entire company, that’s why!

Watching Gu Yanhao  treat Song Wuyou so well, Song Jiuyue became upset, so upset that she felt her lungs might explode!


The canteen was on the second floor of the Gu Group building. The entire second floor was divided into a canteen, rest lounge, and newspaper reading area.

The elevator stopped at the second floor.  Gu Yanhao had a vague smile on his face, “Why eat at the company canteen?”

Song Wuyou looked at him: “You already know my purpose.”

“Want more people to know you’re my wife?”

Song Wuyou grinned, “No, I just want more people to know that I, Song Wuyou, am not an arrogant, uncivilized woman. Also to let everyone know that you don’t hate me.”

Gu Yanhao’s smile widened. His hand reached out to pinch her cheeks, “Knowing how to get the best advantage for yourself, you’ve become smarter.”  He liked how the latter part of the sentence sounded. He had never really hated herㅡ

Song Wuyou slapped his hand away without holding back, at the same time giving him a stern look, “Don’t pinch my face!” She didn’t like the way it felt being pinched by him.

Gu Yanhao seemed to be in a really good mood; no pinching cheeks, okay, then he would rub her head.


Gu Yanhao appearing in the company canteen was akin to a fairy descending to earth, and just as eye-catching. It also caused the canteen employees to feel flustered and at a loss. If they knew earlier that the President was coming down to eat, they would have added more dishes to the day’s menu, in spite of the fact that the Gu Group canteen’s menu was quite luxurious by normal standards. There were many types of dishes for them to choose from, even servings of various cut fruits.

Walking into the Gu Group’s canteen was like walking into a hotel’s buffet area.

“Hello President!”

“Hello President!”

Some of the upper management saw Gu Yanhao, and everyone greeted him respectfully. Their well-trained sixth sense told them that the President seemed to be in a good mood. There was even a faint smile hanging on the corner of his mouth.

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