ENH C164

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Chapter 164: Young Master Gu Peeling Shrimps for Miss Gu!

Everyone was shooting ambiguous looks towards the woman walking beside the President. Everyone had the same thought: this woman is so beautiful!

Yo~yo~yo~, was the smile hanging on the President’s face because of this beautiful woman next to him?

Gu Yanhao scooped a bowl of white rice, but the dishes he chose were light: a small portion of stewed gourd, a portion of stir-fried winter bamboo shoots, and a portion of braised pork ribs.

They chose a table slightly out of the way and sat down. Gu Yanhao looked at the tomato eggs on her plate, his eyebrow rising as he pointed out: “You used to hate tomato eggs.”

Song Wuyou blanked for a moment. He knows what she used to like and hate?

She smiled, “I also don’t know why, I suddenly like it.” She doesn’t like this dish, neither does she hate it.

“I’ll help you peel the shrimp.” Gu Yanhao put down his chopsticks, and his hands moved towards the shrimp on Song Wuyou’s tray.


Song Wuyou looked dazedly at his hands, busily deshelling the shrimps. His hands were nice to look at, with long sinewy fingers like jade.  His hands shelled the shrimp expertly, as if he did this kind of work frequently.

“I can do it myself.” Song Wuyou said. There were a lot of people watching them in the canteen.

Gu Yanhao smiled looking at her, “Just eat. A woman peeling shrimp doesn’t look nice.”

Song Wuyou looked around. There were quite a few female employees having shrimp. Pursing her lips, Song Wuyou argued, “Aren’t they doing it also?”

Gu Yanhao’s lip arched back, “They don’t have men to do it for them.”

By this time, more and more employees made their way to the canteen for lunch. Watching Gu Yanhao personally peeling shrimp for Song Wuyou, the look on their faces was as if they found a new undiscovered land. Some even thought the way they entered the canteen was wrong. Did their eyes just see the President eating in the canteen?  They’d worked here for how many years? Well that was how many years they have never seen the President in the canteen. Furthermore, it was for the same purpose as them: eating here. Wasn’t the President supposed to eat luxuriously at five star hotels? Some employees that had only heard Song Wuyou’s name but had never seen her face were envious. Who is that woman sitting across from the President?  So stunning! So lucky! Someone who could have the President shelling shrimps for her, the way President looked at her, so gentle~~~~

Song Jiuyue and the Design department staff also came to the canteen. The instant they entered, they spotted Gu Yanhao and Song Wuyou. Gu Yanhao just finished deshelling a shrimp, putting it on Song Wuyou’s plate. Watching this scene, Song Jiuyue’s legs halted subconsciously as her heart struggled.

Gu Yanhao actually helped Song Wuyou peel shrimp shells in public?! The same guy, someone who had always been cold, noble, and proud facing his employees? Now, he just looked like a man in love, twirling around Song Wuyou’s finger~~~~

“Is that our President? What did I see just now?”

“I must have woken up on the wrong side of the bed this morning, that’s why I’m seeing this hundred-year-rare sight.”

“The President’s peeling shrimps for Mrs. President, she is so lucky!”

The girls behind Song Jiuyue were discussing the pair with envy, jealousy, and hate, making Song Jiuyue’s mood even worse.

Song Wuyou raised her head, catching sight of Song Jiuyue by coincidence. Seeing Song Jiuyue standing there, glaring at her with the kind of look that wanted to swallow her whole, Song Wuyou’s eyebrow rose up.

Her husband was peeling shrimps for her, what was Song Jiuyue getting angry for? Song Wuyou lifted her chin slightly at Song Jiuyue with a smug look.

Slut! Song Jiuyue mouthed the word soundlessly back at Song Wuyou.

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