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Chapter 165: I’m Allergic to …

Instead of getting upset, Song Wuyou smiled sweetly and moved her spoon which contained jellyfish towards Gu Yanhao.

Watching this, Song Jiuyue so dearly wished she could march right up and shred Song Wuyou’s smiling face with her bare hands.

Gu Yanhao’s movements of shelling shrimp paused as he stared blankly at the spoonful of jellyfish Song Wuyou pushed towards his face.

“You don’t like to eat meat very much, do you?” Song Wuyou asked.

“I prefer lightly flavored dishes.” Gu Yanhao said.

Hadn’t she love him since she was thirteen? What he liked, what he didn’t like, shouldn’t she know that like the back of her hands?  Although he was very healthy, he did have a weak point: he was allergic to this type of food that originated from the sea…Yet, he still ate the spoonful of jellyfish she placed before him.

Lunch took half an hour’s time before the envious, shocked or surprised expressions of the Gu Group employees. Leaving the canteen, Gu Yanhao brought Song Wuyou back to the President’s office to rest awhile. The instant they walked into his office, he locked the room from inside and hurried to drink water.

Seeing his actions, Song Wuyou asked in puzzlement, “You’re very thirsty?”  Didn’t he have a portion of soup earlier? And the dishes he chose were all lightly flavored, sohow could he be so thirsty after a meal?

Gu Yanhao slowly finished a glass of water before he turned towards Song Wuyou with narrowed eyes, “I ate three big shrimps just now.”

“The dish was not bad.” It wasn’t salty or spicy. She didn’t feel thirsty at all.

His unfathomable eyes watched her. Inexplicably, there was a heavy feeling in his chest, “Song Wuyou, I’m allergic to seafood.” Including shrimps.

Song Wuyou was stunned. Her brain hastily rummaged through the original host’s memories, and… indeed, there was something like this.

Her blank look did not escape Gu Yanhao’s sharp eyes. His eyebrows rose questioningly as he observed Song Wuyou. She used to know he was allergic, he was her most precious treasure. Because she knew he was allergic to seafood, she never ate fish, or any other seafood, not even chicken eggs. Today, in the dishes she picked, there was jellyfish and tomato eggs… She even seemed to have forgotten about him being allergic. When he brought it up, she actually showed a blank look.

Gu Yanhao looked at her quietly.

Song Wuyou felt her scalp tingle from the way Gu Yanhao was watching her. With a slightly accusing tone, she said, “Why did you eat if you’re allergic? You could have refused.”

Gu Yanhao’s brows scrunched together for a moment, then he chuckled, “You were feeding me, of course I must eat.”

When Song Wuyou was recollecting the original host’s memories, many thoughts came to her.  “I used to pick food for you too. Didn’t you always disdain that? Cleanliness, disorder… you even refused to use the chopsticks I touched.”

Gu Yanhao smiled faintly, “You remember all of that?”

Song Wuyou rolled her eyes at him, “No kidding!”

Fortunately there were the original host’s memories, otherwise, in this strange and new environment, she wouldn’t be able to live her daily life so calmly and so smoothly.

Gu Yanhao shook his head, slightly irritated. His skin has started to itch. He caught sight of the car keys on the desk, and strode over.  Seeing him picking up the car keys, Song Wuyou asked, “You’re going out?”

“The allergy is getting worse, going to get an infusion.” When he passed her, Gu Yanhao pulled her hand. “You’re accompanying me.”


From the office building to the hospital, it was about a ten minute car ride. Not very far, but Gu Yanhao’s skin had started to itch terribly, so it wasn’t convenient for him to drive. After all, he can’t drive and scratch at the same time, right?

“You drive.” Gu Yanhao said as he opened the back car door, preparing to board.

Song Wuyou noticed his neck was beginning to show red rashes. His body was so strange. He has just eaten and already his allergy is acting up?

“Where’s Ah De? Ask Ah De to drive, or any one of your employees.” Song Wuyou refused to drive.

Gu Yanhao’s actions halted, an eyebrow shooting up in dissatisfaction, “Why can’t you drive?”

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