ENH C166

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Chapter 166: Song Wuyou, If One Day I Died, What Would You Do?

Song Wuyou simply fell back on her ever ready excuse, “The car accident last time left me with a strong post-traumatic disorder.” She remembered telling him this, can’t he remember something so simple?

Gu Yanhao’s eyes cast down. A light flickered in his deep eyes, yet it was uncertain whether it was suspicion or a tinge of complex emotions. Was it really a psychological shadow, or was it something else altogether?

“Get a cab.” Gu Yanhao did not force her.


Song Wuyou sat dully beside the bed waiting for Gu Yanhao’s IV drip to to finish. She muttered under her breath, dissatisfied, “Aware you’re allergic to seafood yet still wanted to peel shrimps for me. Aren’t you just looking to suffer?”

Because the allergic reaction was so severe, Gu Yanhao’s face was mottled red with rashes, trailing down to his neck and arms. From the original host’s memories, it seems Gu Yanhao’s allergy could be triggered just by merely smelling a fishy seafood smell. He actually ate three big shrimps and helped her peel a lot more.  This was not the way to ‘perform’ a public display of affection in front of the employees. Look, a cool, handsome man was now riddled with red spots. Watching him in this condition, Song Wuyou actually had a desire to laugh at him.

Gu Yanhao looked at her, “You already know that I’m allergic, but you fed me jellyfish?”

Song Wuyou blanked, covering up: “I didn’t think about it at that time. Seeing Song Jiuyue’s jealous face, I just wanted to stimulate her more, that’s why I raised the spoon to you.”

Gu Yanhao’s black obsidian eyes sank, “So, I’m just damage incurred between you and Song Jiuyue?”  To stimulate Song Jiuyue, she forgot about him being allergic…. No longer being the center of her universe, Gu Yanhao’s mood soured.

Song Wuyou watched his expression. What could she do? Only when they’re being ‘affectionate’ would Song Jiuyue lose herself in jealousy.

Gu Yanhao stared back at her, eyes penetrating. Noticing no extra concern about him being allergic, he frowned. She wasn’t acting like she didn’t care, she really doesn’t care. She was truly no longer concerned or anxious about him the way she was in the past.  These past months, he had been observing her; the look in her eyes became indifferent, and there was a trace of vicissitude in them.

Song Wuyou was but a twenty-two year-old young woman. That indifference and vicissitude in them gave him a feeling as if she was an old person contemplating life.

“Song Wuyou, if I die one day, what would you do?” Gu Yanhao suddenly asked. The moment the question left his mouth, his heart grew apprehensive.

Song Wuyou was stunned at the question, frowning as she watched him. Why did he suddenly ask her such a question?  “From what I see you’re in top shape, not gonna’ die too easily.” Song Wuyou replied.

“Healthy doesn’t represent long life. What if an accident happened?”

“God helps the worthy, you would live to a hundred.” Then Song Wuyou glared at him sternly, “Gu Yanhao, can you stop this foolish talk? You’re just taking an IV drip. What is this talk about death, and death, and death?”

Was death that frightening? She was someone who had been through death. When she faced Dongfang Xuan bestowing her three feet of white silk, she wasn’t even afraid at that time.

Gu Yanhao suddenly smiled as he looked at her with those unfathomable eyes, “You dared to give me a straight answer. Is it because you dare not face it if there’s such a day?”

This question shocked Song Wuyou to the core, as if there was an invisible hand squeezing her heart. Was that it? She dared not face the arrival of such a day?

Song Wuyou turned back to Gu Yanhao’s face; the exact same face as Dongfang Xuan. She wanted to ask ’Then what about you? If one day I died, what would you do? Would you be sad or heartbroken? Or feel relief as if freed from a yoke?’

“Everything is in the hands of God.” Faint sadness flitted past Song Wuyou’s face, but her indifferent voice returned, “If it’s fated, then we just need to face it bravely.”

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