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Chapter 167: Help Me Unbuckle My Belt

Catching the trace of sadness passing her eyes, Gu Yanhao’s eyes darkened and his heart tightened uncomfortably.

“Itchy…” He frowned, shifting his back left and right slightly, trying to rub away the itchiness he felt on his back. Seeing his current condition, Song Wuyou fought hard not to laugh out loud.  Gu Yanhao glared at her sulkily with much dissatisfaction, “What are you doing? Come and scratch my back.”

“Don’t you have hands?”

“The IV drip.”

“Your other hand is free.”

“I can’t reach it! My whole back is killing me!” Gu Yanhao shifted again, facing away from Song Wuyou. It was obvious. He wanted her to scratch his back.

Song Wuyou looked at his broad, sturdy back, and a small smile escaped her lips,” The nurse said you must endure no matter how itchy it is, you cannot scratch. The more you scratch the itchier it will be, and bacteria will get enter through the skin. It’ll be bad for the skin if that happens.”

“Why do you have to talk so much nonsense? Who told you to scratch ‘til the skin breaks? Scratch gently!” At a time like this, his tone was still that domineering.

“You’ve already got a drip, doesn’t that reduce the itchiness?” Song Wuyou was adamant not to scratch for him.

“Song Wuyou, one more word of nonsense out of you!” He would strangle her to death.

“………” Song Wuyou stood there, unaffected by his threat.

Gu Yanhao’s brows were scrunched together as he used his free hand, struggling to scratch his back, even putting on an act as if he couldn’t reach certain spots that left Song Wuyou unable to hold in her laughter anymore. She burst out laughing with a ‘poof.’

At the angle where Song Wuyou couldn’t see, great waves surged in his deep eyes listening to her clear crisp laughter. Within that whirpool was a myriad of complex emotions. After that car accident, he didn’t hear her laughing this wayㅡ

“What’re you laughing at? Quickly scratch!” He half hollered, acting as if he was suffering.

“Serves you right!” Although her mouth said so, Song Wuyou still moved closer in the end, pulling up his shirt to reveal his muscular back. Oh God, his entire back was dotted with red rashes. Song Wuyou frowned as small ripples of guilt hit her. If she knew his allergy was so serious, she wouldn’t have fed him seafood. There was so many dishes around, yet she coincidentally picked seafood. It seems he was fated to suffer this allergy.

Bouts of red rashed filled his back, Song Wuyou dared not use too much force, instead, she brushed her palm in a downward motion on his back.  Her palm was slightly cold to the touch, striking such a huge contrast against Gu Yanhao’s burning skin that he stiffened upon contact, but as the coldness from her palm cooled his burning skin, his locked brows gradually relaxed.

“Where does it itch?” Song Wuyou asked.

“It itches everywhere.” Gu Yanhao said sullenly.

“Then you want me to scratch all over your body?”


Song Wuyou pursed her lips, rolling her eyes in silence. Her hand traveled from his back to his waist, and Gu Yanhao’s waist was extremely sensitive. The moment Song Wuyou’s small hands touched his waist, Gu Yanhao couldn’t help trembling. Cool hands and a feathery light touch instantly lit a fire in Gu Yanhao’s navel (EN: Is that what we’re calling it? HAHA), his clear pupils turned several shades darker, his eyes closing to a thin line.

“Lower.” Gu Yanhao’s husky voice sounded.


Song Wuyou glanced at the ‘lower’ direction. If she goes lower, that’s his arse.

“Your belt is restricting, cannot go lower.”

Just as she spoke those words, Gu Yanhao moved his body, shifting into a laying position on the bed. His dark eyes stared starkly at Song Wuyou.

Song Wuyou stared back at him. Before she could ask what he was doing, he spoke: “Unbuckle it.”

“What?” Then she pointed at his navel, “You want me to unbuckle it?”


“No!” What was the difference between unbuckling his belt and taking off his pants?

“If you don’t do it, I will.” Gu Yanhao’s gaze was fixed on Song Wuyu’s face as he single-handedly unfastened his belt.

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