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Chapter 169: Song Wuyou, I Won’t Let You Act Conceited For Long

The entire body covered in a red rash, and what wasn’t covered in a rash was swollen, yet still planned to do something in the hospital room. The nurse maintained her stance, fully despising the other two people in the room.

After the nurse left the room, Song Wuyou glared red-faced at Gu Yanhao: “Did you hear that? Intercourse is not allowed!”

The smile in Gu Yanhao’s eyes sparkled as his lips curved wider, “Can’t do it when the allergy is attacking, no allergy, can do.”

Listening to his retort, Song Wuyou realized she shouldn’t have said that sentence earlier…


Affected by Song Jiumei’s scandal from the yacht party, the market priced of the Song Group’s shares plunged dramatically. In a moment of anger, Song Nan kicked Song Jiumei out of the Song Group’s Finance Manager position. Nowadays, Song Jiumei’s appearance was no different from that of a street rat where everyone raises their pitchforks while screaming bloody murder. She grew up spoiled and pampered, so how could she withstand being scolded and cursed, with fingers pointing at her in the streets as she’d suffered these past few weeks? Song Jiumei blamed everything on Song Wuyou.

The moment Song Jiuyue returned home from work, Song Jiumei clung to her, whining her grievances, “Dajie, people have been snubbing me the better part of my day. It’s all Song Wuyou’s fault! She’s the one that uploaded the video on the internet. Dajie, Dad won’t let me work in the company anymore. What should I do?”

Song Jiuyue had been in a bad mood the entire day. Coming home, did she have to listen to Song Jiumei’s whining? She brushed off Song Jiumei in an annoyed manner, snapping: “Enough, don’t make a fuss!”

Song Jiumei blanked, eyes widened as she stared at Song Jiuyue, “Dajie, even you are snubbing me?”

Song Jiuyue glared at her coldly, “What? I cannot snub you? You actually dared to harbor ideas towards Young Master Gu?”

Song Jiumei felt ill-treated, her eyes becoming red-rimmed, “So what if I harbor ideas towards Young Master Gu? Are you the only one who’s allowed to like Young Master Gu and others can’t?”

Song Jiuyue harrumphed, “Didn’t you say I’m lacking compared to you?”

Guilty conscience hit Song Jiumei at this question, “Dajie, that was me babbling nonsense because of the drug’s influence.”

“More like words of truth after the drug?”

Song Jiumei was so anxious that she was about to burst into tears, “No, it’s not.”

“Enough!” Song Jiuyue looked at Song Jiumei in irritation.

“I’m not interested to hearing you recount anything. Today, Song Wuyou started working at Gu Group. She was even given an independent office. Young Master Gu was so nice to her, so what if you do have intentions towards him? You and me together can’t even compete with a little skinny arrogant bitch like Song Wuyou.”

Song Jiumei looked at Song Jiuyue, clearly shocked by these words. “What?! That slut entered Gu Group? Doesn’t that mean she’ll be with Young Master Gu from morning ‘til night?”

Song Jiuyue sneered, “Feeling very jealous, right?”

Song Jiumei’s reaction showed she was extremely agitated. Stamping her feet, she nearly screamed: “I already said if that slut is really Song Wuyou!”  The past Song Wuyou had no capability to make Young Master Gu pay so much attention to her.

“No matter whether she’s real or fake, Young Master Gu treats her really well.” So good that it made others go mad.

Song Jiumei gritted her teeth with a vengeance, eyes turning as cold as glaciers, “Song Wuyou, I won’t allow you to be conceited for long!”

Gu Yanhao spent a night in the hospital. Although the red rash hadn’t receded totally, it was much better compared to yesterday. Ignoring the doctor’s advice, he went straight to the office after being discharged.

After receiving Song Wuyou’s call, Xu Jing left the villa at the break of dawn and had been waiting at the front entrance of Gu Group since early on.

The Gu Group office building was located in the heart of the city’s wealthiest district. The entrance to the main lobby was of a spacious  and elegant design, and many elements of modern architecture were represented in its 108 floors. Looking up as one stood at the main entrance lobby was like surfing into the clouds.

A red taxi stopped in front of the building and Song Wuyou and Gu Yanhao alighted .  Seeing it was them, Xu Jing hurried forward: “Young Master Gu! Miss!”

Gu Yanhao already stepped inside in a few strides, cool as ever. As he walked, he told Song Wuyou, “You bring Xu Jing straight to your office. I will Human Resource to take care of Xu Jing’s employment procedures.”

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