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Chapter 17: Song Wuyou, You’re so Dead!

“Song Wuyou, Young Master Gu finally discarded you!”

The moment Song Jiumei thought Gu Yanhao was divorcing Song Wuyou, she forgot the burning pain on her cheek. Her face revealed a proud expression.

“What are you feeling complacent for? If I divorce, you think you have the chance to be with him?” Song Wuyou taunted.

Song Wuyou’s ‘reply’ only add to Song Jiumei’s assumption of Gu Yanhao was divorcing Song Wuyou, “I’m happy for my dajie[1]!”

“Really stupid goods. Even if there is an economic crisis, it could never fetch a high price.”

“Song Wuyou, you dared to curse me stupid!” Song Jiumei’s fury rose to the sky.

“I did.” Song Wuyou muttered nonchalantly. Her eyes swept across Song Jiumei.

“You…….” again, Song Jiumei’s face became bright red as she choked with anger.

Today, she had been scolded for numerous of times by Song Wuyou. This fact only add to the burning anger within her heart.

She pointed a finger at Song Wuyou’s nose, shouting angrily, “Song Wuyou, you’re so dead!”

Abandoned by Gu Yanhao, allowance was about to be stopped by the Song Family, and on top of that she could not find a good job in M City. She was absolutely no better than a dead person!

‘Wrong, she’ll experience something worse than death!’

Song Wuyou snorted. Death had become something she was unafraid of.

“Xu Jing, we’re leaving.” Song Wuyou’s cold gaze fell upon Song Jiumei as she spoke to Xu jing.

This time around, the LCD monitor positioned on the wall behind the payment counter changed scene, showing a man and a woman together side by side.

The host’s voice attracted the attention of the people in the store.

Noticing the two protagonists on the screen, Song Jiumei’s animosity vanished instantly.

A glint of light flashed across Song Wuyou’s eyes, halting the steps that had yet to be taken striding out from the store, “Song Wuyou, where are you going, ah? Look! My dajie and Young Master Gu together, what a pair they make ah.”

Xu Jing turned around towards the monitor.

The screen showed Gu Yanhao’s tall stature, complete with his cool and handsome stance.

Xu Jing stole a glance at Song Wuyou, prompting, “Miss, is Young Master Gu……”

“This isn’t the first time they appear together on television. It’s not something to be surprised about.” Song Wuyou commented with a trace of disdain.

“Aren’t you jealous? Upset?”

Song Jiumei tilted her chin proudly, “Young Master Gu is your trump card, now that he is divorcing you, how are you going to survive in M City in the future? Before he dumps you, everyone smiles and greets you Mrs. Gu, however, in their hearts you are still lower than a dog.”

Song Wuyou ignored Song Jiumei’s provocation. Instead her gaze was fixated on the scene displayed on the television before her.

It was not Gu Yanhao’s good looks that attracted her, nor was it Song Jiuyue’s beauty.

It was the reporter’s question that had caught her interest.

Song Jiuyue representing the Gu Group in the annual Euro-American Fashion Competition. And it was said that the winning party had the opportunity to enter the international market.

In the previous years, it had always been the Gu Group that took the first place. However, now a lot of strong competitors were participating on this year’s competition.

Especially, the Gu Group’s strongest rival, Anmei Group. Even before the competition had officially began, public had already placing their bets on who would win or lose.

At the moment, the host was interviewing Gu Yanhao about how confident was he in taking home the championship.

“These reporters really have nothing better to do. The Gu Group’s brand is very popular and well-known all over the world. The European and American stores are ringing in the money. The winner this year is definitely going to be the Gu Group again.” Seeing Song Wuyou ignoring her, Song Jiumei looked conceitedly at the screen and exclaimed loudly.

Song Wuyou icily spared Song Jiumei a glance from within the corner of her eyes. One could see a flicker of contemptuous sneer flashed across her facial expression.


[1] Dajie means older sister (or the Big Sis in the group)

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