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Chapter 170: President Send This For You

Hearing this, Xu Jing looked at Song Wuyou in surprise, “Miss, what entry procedure? Do I need to accompany you to work in Gu Group?”

Song Wuyou smiled, “From today onwards, you’re my assistant.”

Xu Jing was astonished, “Assistant? Miss, is your position very high?”

Song Wuyou rubbed Xu Jing’s face, “Not very high, but I need you.” There was no friend at her side, and Xu Jing was the only person she could place her trust in. Gu Group planned to launch six new womens designs. Every designer was responsible for submitting their designs to Gu Yanhao for approval, and only by getting his approval would that designer’s work be produced and promoted.

Song Jiuyue walked right into Song Wuyou’s office without knocking as Xu Jing was organizing the fabric that Secretary Zhang had just sent in. Song Wuyou was in front of the computer, checking what was called ‘fashion.’

The original host didn’t like to style herself, was stupid, and disliked learning. She only knew how to spin around Gu Yanhao from day ‘til night. All of her clothes were nonsensical at best. She herself ‘came’ over from the X Dynasty, so she had no idea whatsoever what kind of clothes were considered to be in ‘fashion.’

Song Jiuyue moved to stand behind Song Wuyou’s back. When she caught a glimpse of Song Wuyou’s monitor, she couldn’t help mocking, “Song Wuyou, you don’t even know what’s in fashion, yet you dare to dream of becoming a designer?”

Song Wuyou raised her head, “Dajie, you’re very rude. Not knocking before you come into my office?”

“Both of us are Team Leaders, so what are you acting so high and mighty for?”

Song Jiuyue’s lips curved up in an arc of ridicule, “If you have the ability then design something that exceeds my work. Only then I will show you respect.”

“You know how to imitate, I also know how to imitate.” Song Wuyou showed a proud and arrogant face.


“Just designing, nothing to it right? Whichever style that is in trend, you just need to copy it, make some small changes, that’s it, right? I am the President’s wife, as long as it’s my design, the President will use it.”

Song Wuyou’s arrogant demeanor reminded Song Jiuyue of the Song Wuyou before the car crash. Song Jiuyue narrowed her eyes as she scrutinized Song Wuyou. Watching her eating nuts as she stared at the monitor as if she didn’t care what others thought of her, isn’t this the same Song Wuyou as in the past? Only in front of Young Master Gu did her past and present selves converge, but in fact, deep down to her bones, nothing changed. Song Jiuyue snorted inwardly; Jiumei said she was a fake, but from what I see she’s the real Song Wuyou, no doubt!

“Then do you know what the popular fashion trend is for women this year?” Song Jiuyue asked.

“The champion’s design in the fashion competition.”

“You want to imitate that style?” Song Jiuyue wanted to laugh out loud hearing that. She herself was a top class designer, and even she experienced difficulties imitating that design. Song Wuyou really overestimated herself. Someone who cannot even sketch wants to imitate such a delicate and complex dress design?

“I’m designing, not imitating.”

“Song Wuyou, without ability, even with Young Master Gu behind you, you still won’t be able to stay long in the group.”

Everything in Gu group relied on one’s capability, even if you were Mrs. President. No ability, and the other employees would start pointing fingers and gossiping.

Those that loved face and had some conscience, wouldn’t be able to withstand that kind of pressure to continue staying here. Furthermore, she was throwing off the President’s face.

“I know, you can go out,” Song Wuyou glanced at the time, “Two more hours until we get off work. I want to watch a TV series.”

A trace of Song Jiuyue’s contempt gleamed in her eyes. Next month was the deadline for handing in the design, yet she still had time to watch a TV series?

“Madame, this is something the President sent for you.” At this time, Secretary Zhang brought in a beautifully wrapped bag.

Song Wuyou looked at the bag in Secretary Zhang’s hands with a confused expression, “What is it?”

“Gum cake.”



[1] The gum cake is supposedly made from donkey gelatine, mixed with many chinese herbs like red dates, walnuts, black sesame seeds, etc. I have never eaten nor seen the actual thing before….

E/N: Isn’t this that konjac stuff? The stuff that comes from that plant that looks like a red calla lily with a big central stalk? If you pull the plant out of the soil there’s a round bulb by the roots and the stuff you scrape from that bulb is called moyu I think, and the jelly that you make with the plant scrapings is called something like snow or snowflake tofu and it has the consistency of those Taiwanese jellies that you find in bakeries or sweets stalls. I think it’s just those cakes with that particular jelly filling that you have to season with fruits and spices because it is just a basic, kind of flavourless gelatin. Then again, I’m American, so what do I know?  I don’t care where you come from or what colour you might be as long as you feed me some of your goodies and teach me how to make them.

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