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Chapter 171: Miss, Isn’t This You and Young Master Mu?

“Gum cake?” Song Wuyou raised her head, a surprised expression on her face as she looked at Secretary Zhang.

Secretary Zhang smiled, reflecting her beauty, “This was what the President said.”

“Eat it now?” Song Wuyou asked.

Secretary Zhang nodded her head, “Yes, the President mentioned that Madame needs to boost her stamina and blood.”

“Oh…” Song Wuyou accepted the package. Indeed, she needed to up her stamina and overall health. This body was very weak after all.

Secretary Zhang took a quick glance over the small plate that held some nuts, the contents almost finished. Maintaining the friendly smile on her face, Secretary Zhang asked, “Are the nuts tasty?”

“They are okay.” Compared to what she used to eat at the palace, it was a far cry.

“I’ve placed an order for imported nuts, they’ll most likely arrive tomorrow.”

Hearing that Song Wuyou asked, “Also for me?”

Secretary Zhang nodded as she said, “The President said Madame’s health is weak, and nuts would be good for you.”  A minuscule frown formed on Song Wuyou’s brows. What is this Gu Yanhao up to, revealing everything to his Secretary Zhang?

“The President made a special order from Grand China Medicine Shop and it’s warm. Madame please have it, I need to return to my work.”

Song Wuyou took out the gum cake from the wrapping. Placed on a white porcelain dish, (probably something like this but smaller) the lid was decorated with a pair of lively phoenixes, beautiful and delicate workmanship. Opening the lid, the scent of red dates and gelatin tickled the senses.  “It should taste quite good.” Song Wuyou liked the flavorful fragrance instantly.

Just as she was about to dig in, she noticed Song Jiuyue was still in the room. She raised her head, smiling at Song Jiuyue, “Dajie, do you want some? I’ll split them with you.”

“Don’t want it!” Song Jiuyue was extremely gloomy, taking large strides out of the room with the fire of jealousy scorching her heart.

Song Wuyou turned around, the smile on her face gradually blooming as she watched Song Jiuyue’s departure, and her eyes darkened as she looked at the gum cake in front of her.  A sneer suddenly appeared on her face; Gu Yanhao was really treating her better and better every day.

After leaving Song Wuyou’s office, Song Jiuyue practically made a dash to the ladies’ room, locking herself in one of the cubicles to wallow in her own ‘predicament’ and anger. She had liked Gu Yanhao much earlier than Song Wuyou did, why was Song Wuyou the one who married him?! Gu Yanhao used to hate Song Wuyou to the bone, why did he start showing concern for her now?

Ordering imported nuts for her as snacks, making a special order for the medicine shop to make gum cake for her!! Why?! Why was the person Gu Yanhao loved not her? Song Jiuyue’s heart felt a heavy, suffocating, pain as tears kept falling on their own.

By the time Song Wuyou finished her piece of gum cake, Xu Jing was done with arranging the new fabric according to Song Wuyou’s request.

“Miss, I’ve arranged the things, what do we do next?” Xu Jing came over and asked Song Wuyou.

“This.” Song Wuyou lightly tapped her finger on the gum cake dish.

A little confused, Xu Jing was surprised, “Throw?”

“Eat it.”


“Eat it, tomorrow there will be something else.”

“Oh,” Xu Jing picked up the dish, smiling sheepishly as she said, “Miss, Young Master Gu is treating you nicer and nicer.”

“Seeing he’s nice to me, do you feel happy too?”

Xu Jing nodded, “Of course. The better he treats Miss, the more beautiful Miss will become.”

Song Wuyou thought for a moment: “Love’s moisture[1].”  

Xu Jing and Song Wuyou were sitting together, eating nuts while surfing the internet, when a news flash blinked on the mobile screen recommending a new video. Song Wuyou closed it without a second glance, Xu Jing, however, caught the title: Respected Family’s Madame Caught Having An Affair, Forced to Run Naked with the Adulterer Wrapped Only in a Curtain! Curious? Click to see video.

There’s a video!

Xu Jing tapped on the video and started to watch, but she when saw the man and woman in the video she exclaimed in shock: “Miss, isn’t this you and Young Master Mu?”

Song Wuyou was stupefied and a little confused: “What has it got to do with me and Mu Gu?”


[1] Love’s moisture is a very literal translation, it refers to people, women especially, who looked more beautiful when in love, aka moisturized by love.

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