ENH C172

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Chapter 172: Song Wuyou Is A Celebrity

Xu Jing passed the phone over to Song Wuyou anxiously, “Look, you and Young Master Mu!”

Song Wuyou took the mobile and looked at the screen. Oh my, it really was her and Mu Gu!

The scenery in the video looked familiarーMu Gu’s pasture ranch. The man had a scarf wrapped around his waist while the woman held a curtain around her body. The facial expression on the woman’s face looked flustered and panicked as she ran, and then the curtain fell to the ground and the man stopped. Judging from the video, it appeared the man wanted to help the woman pick up the curtain but was yelled at by the woman instead, who slapped his hand away.

The woman’s face was exactly the same as Song Wuyou’s face. After watching the video Song Wuyou returned the mobile to Xu Jing saying: “Making something out of nothing.”

Xu Jing looked worried: “Miss, is this really you?”  Song Wuyou gave Xu Jing a cold glare out of the corner of her eyes, raising goosebumps on her skin.

“Watch the video carefully. Both the woman and the man are not wearing shoes.”

Xu Jing nodded. She’d noticed this point. Being caught committing adultery, running without shoes was normal… right? In that kind of situation, who would think of wearing shoes?

“When Mu Gu stops and stands beside the woman, it was obvious that the woman’s height only reached Mu Gu’s ear.”


“My height only reaches Gu Yanhao’s chest. Both Gu Yanhao and Mu Gu are over six feet tall.”

The light of understanding dawned on Xu Jing. She quickly watched the video again. Indeed, the woman in the video, although she was wrapped in a curtain, it was obvious that her figure was tall with curves, whereas her Miss… Xu Jing glanced at her Miss. Her Miss was petite, at most a five foot two. The woman in the video was at least five foot six.

“Miss, someone is trying to harm you deliberately!” Xu Jing declared with certainty.

“En.” Song Wuyou grunted dismissively in reply.

“But the internet doesn’t care about this point. This woman’s face looks exactly like yours, so they will definitely think it’s you. Miss, what if Young Master Gu sees this? How would he think and respond?” This was what worried Xu Jing the most.

Song Wuyou was very calm, “He probably won’t let this matter be.”

“I didn’t expect Mrs. President was this kind of person.”

“You see, there’s a comment at the bottom saying this man is actually the President’s best friend.”

“Does this mean… Mrs, President rolled between the sheets with the President’s best friend?”

Song Jiuyue returned from the washroom to find all the ladies in the Design department surrounding a monitor while gossiping with each other. Sensitive towards certain words, her ears perked at the mention of President and Mrs. President. Rolling with the good friend?

Song Jiuyue quickened her steps, stopping right behind several women who were animatedly watching an online video. Song Jiuyue turned her attention to the monitor and her face paled instantly.

Who spread that video the internet? Also, why was that woman’s face turned into Song Wuyou’s face? In a split second, Song Jiuyue thought of Song Jiumei. Her fingers clenched, nails digging into her palm as she tried to control her anger. Damn woman!

The video quickly went viral, becoming a hot search trend. In mere minutes it spread throughout the entire Gu Group. The moment Song Wuyou started working in the Gu Group, she became a focal point for the employees.  With the addition of this hot gossip, Song Wuyou was elevated to celebrity status.

There were many comments below the video, all blatantly revealing and pointing to Song Wuyou as the woman in the video. And in M City, there was almost no one who didn’t know the three words… Song Wuyou.

Some people that had never even met Song Wuyou hated her vehemently after watching the video. It wasn’t enough that she got Young Master Gu, she even tried to ‘hook’ Young Master Gu’s best friend? How low can this woman get?!

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