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Chapter 173: She Was Forcefully Kissed!

Gu Yanhao was informed of the matter the moment he returned after his meeting. Sitting on the soft leather chair, when Gu Yanhao saw the video and the many comments below his entire being exuded a chilling air.

“Find out that person’s IP address!” Gu Yanhao practically flung the mobile back to Secretary Zhang, his voice positively glacial.

“Yes.” Grabbing her phone, Secretary Zhang hastened out of harm’s way, leaving the President office in quick steps.

Gu Yanhao’s eyes narrowed. That time when Mu Gu was penalized to run naked there were only the few of them present, not to mention Mu Gu was not stupid enough to  photoshop Song Wuyou’s face over Song Jiuyue’s, and then upload the video to the internet.

His face was gloomy. The entire city has already exploded with the scandal, so why didn’t Song Wuyou come look for him? Did she see this video? Or perhaps she was already fighting with Song Jiuyue in the Design department.? Or no one in the Design department believed her word so she was hiding in a corner crying? Thinking of this particular scene, Gu Yanhao’s heart grew heavy. Standing up abruptly, he stormed out of the office with large strides, passing Secretary Zhang’s desk like a hurricane heading straight towards the Design department.

All three secretaries noted the President’s black face. Exchanging glances with each other they wondered: could he be going to see Madame?

Just as Gu Yanhao stepped into the elevator, Song Jiuyue walked out from the other elevator on the same floor. She came to see Gu Yanhao but was told by his band of secretaries that he had just stepped out.

Appearing in the Design department, Gu Yanhao was akin to an Asura in the mortal realm, the frigid air surrounding him terrifying the entire department to the point that no one dared to even breathe loudly. Gu Yanhao’s straight long legs brought him directly to Song Wuyou’s office.

Turning the door handle, the man’s proud brows rose up subconsciously. The door was locked from within. Don’t tell him that this woman was really crying inside? His eyes turned cold, knocking on the door way harder than was necessary.

Inside the office, Song Wuyou was in deep thought as she stood in front of several folds of cloth. Xu Jing heard the loud knock and turned to Song Wuyou, “Miss, do I open the door?”

“Go.” Song Wuyou answered without really paying attention.

The instant the door was opened, Gu Yanhao’s gloomy eyes searched Song Wuyou’s face. Seeing that the woman was actually staring at several folds of cloth in deep thought, he was slightly stupefied. Why did reality differ so greatly from what he imagined? It crossed his mind that she might be fighting with Song Jiuyue, or hiding in a corner, cryingー

Catching a glimpse of his tall silhouette from the corner of her eyes, Song Wuyou looked at him with a questioning expression that suggested ‘you-have-matters-with-me?’

Seeing this look on her face left Gu Yanhao speechless. Can’t he come look for her even if there was nothing?

“You didn’t see the video online?” Gu Yanhao moved closer to her, staring at the several colors of cloth, imitating her.

“Saw it.” Song Wuyou answered with nonchalance.

“Why didn’t you look for me?”

Song Wuyou looked at him in confusion: “What for?”

Gu Yanhao felt like he just swallowed a fly. Looking ugly As he half glared at her, he stated: “Of course to ask for my help to resolve the matter.”

“You should be very clear as to whether the woman in the video is me or not.” Song Wuyou snickered.

“Song Wuyou, do you know how violent and detrimental the internet can be? I was there when it happened, so of course I would believe you. But the online readers will not. ”

Song Wuyou’s voice was laced with mockery, “My name is already as bad as it can be.  It’s up to them if they want to believe or not. I’m too lazy to bother.”

“Song Wuyou!” Gu Yanhao was maddened by her indifferent attitude towards everything around her.

“Sighs, all my inspiration was scared away by you, en…” Before Song Wuyou could finish her sentence, her eyes widened in shock!

What the heck is going on!

Watching the up-close handsome face face enlarged in front of her, Song Wuyou was flabbergasted.

Oh Granny, she was forcefully kissed!


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