ENH C175

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Chapter 175: Song Wuyou Besieged by Paparazzi

Gu Yanhao thick-faced and shamelessly grinned, “Not enough, I want to touch.”

Song Wuyou exerted some strength, successfully pulling back her hand: “Touch your dead skull.”

Feeling her frostiness, Gu Yanhao placed both his arms on her shoulders, pinning her in place lightly. “Song Wuyou, why don’t we start over? Okay?” His gaze was deep and resolute.

Song Wuyou trembled very slightly, yet she feigned ignorance, “What start over?”

“I want to woo you, so I plead, please don’t be so cold towards me, can?”

Watching his serious expression, a spot in her heart pricked. She stared back into his eyes when a sudden derisive smile appeared on her lips, “When I wooed you in the past, wasn’t your attitude towards me even colder?”

Gu Yanhao’s eyes narrowed at this comeback, looking deep into her eyes. There seemed to be a layer of haze veiled over his chiseled features, mysterious and handsome, yet out of reach. The depth of his eyes was unfathomable, akin to a millennium lake, making it hard for Song Wuyou to grasp his exact thoughts at this moment. In short, being faced with such a unyielding look from him gave Song Wuyou a feeling of suffocation.

“Fuck! Is it really going to be like what Mu Gu said, wheels of Feng Shui karma?’ Gu Yanhao suddenly released Song Wuyou’s hands, muttering in sullen anger. He even stamped his foot as he spoke. That expression, that demeanor, it was all so cute that it nearly made Song Wuyou burst out laughing.

Song Wuyou raised an eyebrow at him, looking at him in amusement. Was this what he looked like… angry?

“I still have a bunch of documents to go over. After work, wait for me in the lobby. Let’s have a meal outside together.”

“En.” Song Wuyou nodded. Can she despise him? A bunch of documents to go over but he ran over to flirt with a ‘sister’?

Noon, lunch hour.

Song Wuyou and Xu Jing walked out of the lobby, but just at they passed through the doors their path was blocked by a group of reporters and paparazzi. Microphones, flashbulbs, and the reporters fixed stares were all on Song Wuyou’s body.

This was Song Wuyou’s first time facing this kind of mob. She frowned uncomfortably at the bright lights directed at her face. She wanted to run back into the building but it was already too late. She was blocked on all sides. At the same time, many Gu Group employees who were leaving the building were attracted by the scene, all stopping to see, causing a blockage at the lobby entrance.

Xu Jing held Song Wuyou’s arms nervously, her face as pale as a sheet.

In her past life Song Wuyou was, after all, an Imperial Consort. Mobs or bloody battlefields, she had seen them all. Very quickly her nerves calmed down. She straightened her back, putting on her most elegant and noble facade.

“Mrs. Gu, can you give an explanation about the video on the internet?

“Mrs. Gu, what exactly is your relationship with Mu Gu?”

Mrs. Gu, it is said that your used some means to climb into Gu Yanhao’s bed and force him to marry you, then you went to seduce his good brother, Young Master Mu Gu, Is that true?”

“Mrs. Gu, your affair is caught on tape. Will Young Master Gu still allow you to work in Gu Group?”

A flurry of similar questions were thrown at Song Wuyou one after another like the latest model of machine gun on rapid fire. Song Wuyou was calm and poised, a smile at the edge of her lips as she watched the people around her, yet there was a sharpness to her gaze, boring into the faces surrounding her. Facing their rapid fire questions, Song Wuyou did not utter a single word in reply, while the reporters were fighting hand and tooth to shout their questions at the front.

Gradually, the noises subsided slightly because they noticed the faint smile and the sharp gaze from Song Wuyou. Not knowing why, they felt pressured. In the end, the mob quieted down, holding their breath as they waited for Song Wuyou to speak.

Song Wuyou scanned the mob slowly, giving them a brilliant smile, “You say, who is more handsome, Young Master Gu or Young Master Mu Gu?”

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