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Chapter 176: Young Master Gu and Mu Gu, Who Would You Choose?

Her smile was more brilliant than the sun in the sky, more resplendent. The moment her smile appeared it felt as if heaven and earth dimmed. The only light came from her as she stood in front of them.

A beautiful and clean smile.

Some reporters started to have doubts. The Mrs. Gu in front of them was totally different from the one in the video. They even doubted to the point of forgetting to answer her bold retort.

Seeing that no one would answer her, Song Wuyou posed another question, “Is Young Master Gu richer, or is Mu Gu?”

A young female reporter simply answered, “Young Master Gu is much more handsome and richer!” These were honest words, moreover, Young Master Gu wasn’t a mere company President like Young Master Gu.

Song Wuyou’s gaze fell on this young reporter, the corner of her mouth lifting up in a curve as the answer was much to her satisfaction. “If you were given a choice between Young Master Gu and Mu Gu, who would you choose?” Song Wuyou asked the female reporter.

Her face blushed a shy red, “Probably Young Master Gu.”

Song Wuyou smiled, “What about the rest of you? Who would you choose?”

Everyone looked amongst themselves, feeling weird; weren’t they the ones who were supposed to be asking the questions? When did the roles get reversed?

“We’d choose Young Master Gu.”

“Young Master Gu,” some people began to reply.

Song Wuyou’s eyes caught sight of a familiar silhouette behind one of the Roman style columns when she scanned the crowd. The curve on her lips increased a few degrees, “Everyone agrees Young Master Gu is more handsome and richer than Mu Gu. I have money and power, so why should I bother myself with another man? Am I blind?”

The instant her words were out, the entire mob forgot to answer, as if there was irrefutable  logic to her words…

“Could it be that Young Master Gu failed to satisfy you in certain aspects?” A female reporter asked. When this reporter’s question came out, multiple glares flashed crazily as if this was the question everyone was dying to know.

Song Wuyou’s eyes were once again irritated by the bright flashes of light. She closed her eyes, and when she opened them again, they had turned clear and cold. Looking directly at the female reporter who’d asked the question. Just as she wanted to ask this reporter in what aspect Gu Yanhao couldn’t satisfy her, a sharp cold voice sounded at her back, “Perhaps you can elaborate. In what aspect would I fail to satisfy my wife?”

As the voice fell, the mob of reporters felt a swirl of frosty wind sweep past them, the atmosphere instantly turning cold and suffocating. Everyone’s attention quickly shifted to the man who was approaching them slowly, step by step, akin to a reaper, an Asura.

The man’s well-tailored suit enhanced his tall silhouette and muscular body perfectly, comparable to the bone-chilling air exuded from his body. His eagle-sharp eyes scanned the crowd, raising shivers as that sharp gaze fell on them.

The female reporter who had asked the question earlier felt cold air blowing down her back, so cold that it made her shrink her neck. However, Gu Yanhao’s sight did not stop on her, making her feel lucky. Thank God her height was short, so he only heard her voice and didn’t see her face.

The reporter mob that surrounded Song Wuyou parted a path for Gu Yanhao, allowing him to pass. Song Wuyou too shifted slightly to look at him, his tall silhouette looking noble and dignified, his entire aura was extremely dashing.

Damn, once again she’d mistaken him for that dead Emperor Dongfang Xuan.

Gu Yanhao stopped beside her, searching her face. Her words earlier… he’d heard everything.

Her single sentence ‘Am I blind?’ sent ripples across his heart.

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