ENH C177

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Chapter 177: Look Nervously at Gu Yanhao

He suppressed the surging excitement in his heart as he reached out to firmly grasp her hand. Song Wuyou was surprised by his action. Lowering her eyes, she looked at his big hands covering hers as something stirred in her heart.

Retrieving his gaze from her face, the man turned sharply towards the mob of reporters. The group of reporters’ hearts shivered upon facing such a sharp look from him, as he exuded a chill that made them shudder involuntarily.

“In which aspect do you think that I failed to satisfy my wife?” His voice pierced like icicles as the look in his eyes turned arctic.  Deterred by the pressure coming from him, the reporters could hardly breathe, as if there was something heavy pressing down on their chests.

“Young Master Gu, is the woman in the video your wife?” One reporter asked at the risk of losing his life.

Gu Yanhao’s penetrating gaze fell on that man. Meeting Gu Yanhao’s eyes, that reporter felt a chill down his spine.

“Do you think it is?” Gu Yanhao’s lip arched into a derisive smile.

The reporter blanked for a moment in confusion. Why didn’t he answer his question? Instead giving one of his own?

The reporter smiled awkwardly, “How should I answer this question?” Isn’t this making things difficult for him?

“Do you think that I’m a fool to allow my wife to go philandering outside?” Gu Yanhao retorted with a mocking question.

“But the woman in the video looks exactly like Mrs. Gu.”Another reporter commented casually.

Gu Yanhao’s ridiculing sneer widened. Seeing Gu Yanhao did not look at him, the second reporter continued to push, “I heard that Mrs. Gu only managed to marry you because she exhorted unscrupulous means. Is that right?”

Gu Yanhao’s eyes slowly shifted onto that reporter, the coldness in his eyes piercing as the curve in his mouth deepened a degree. Meeting that expression, a cold wind blew in the reporter’s heart.

“In M City, there are litters of women who tried to approach me with unscrupulous methods. It seems you really take me for a fool.” Gu Yanhao’s cold voice added, “Since you like to listen to rumors and hearsay, I have one for you. I heard Great Times is going bankrupt tomorrow, and you can’t ever become a reporter again in your entire life.”

The reporter went white after hearing this. Gu Yanhao was power bullying!

So domineering! Song Wuyou looked at him, she suddenly felt this man was so handsome!

Gu Yanhao’s cold eyes scanned the crowd, “I am certain that I have said the woman in the video is not my wife!”

Song Wuyou suddenly clutched tightly at Gu Yanhao’s arm, her tone was aggrieved to the extreme, “Hubby, I’m so wronged. If you didn’t already know who the woman in the video is, I’m sure you’ll suspect me like they did, am I right?”

Song Jiuyue, who was hiding behind a Roman style pillar, felt her heart tighten nervously.  Sure enough, when the reporters heard what Song Wuyou said, their eyes brightened like spotlights.

Each and everyone turned towards Gu Yanhao, asking in trepidation, “Young Master Gu, you know who that woman really is?”

“Young Master Gu, could that woman be your wife’s sister?”

“Young Master Gu, since you already know the identity of that woman, then who is the person that dared to claim that woman to be Mrs. Gu?”

“Young Master Gu, can you give me a straightforward answer to my question: who is that woman in the video?”

Every question was irrelevant to Gu Yanhao, but to Song Jiuyue, every word was like a hammer pounding at her heart.

She looked nervously at Gu Yanhao, will he disclose who the woman inside the video?

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