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Chapter 178: Body Like Bean Sprouts

Watching as Gu Yanhao looked at the mob of reporters with a blasé stance, her heart rose to her throat, while Song Wuyou lifted her chin provokingly in her direction.

Seeing Song Jiuyue’s nervous and taut face staring fixedly at Gu Yanhao, a faint, wicked smile arched up at the corner of Song Wuyou’s lips. Song Jiuyue’s eyes darted slightly and caught a glimpse of Song Wuyou’s expression. Noticing the faint smile on her face, Song Jiuyue’s heart plummeted to her stomach with a bam. Song Jiuyue clenched her fists nervously until her composure returned to her usual arrogance when facing Song Wuyou.  Her proud heart absolutely will not allow her to lose poise in front of Song Wuyou.

Song Wuyou merely took a quick glance at where Song Jiuyue hid before her cold eyes returned to their surroundings, specifically Gu Yanhao. Will he tell the truth?

The reporters threw a flurry of questions at Gu Yanhao. When everyone quieted down waiting for answers, Gu Yanhao looked at them icily, “Are you’ll aware of the right to privacy and reputation?”


“What qualifications do you have to make me sell out other people’s privacy and reputation?”

“……….” Such domineering words!

Hearing this, Song Jiuyue’s tightly clenched fists gradually relaxed. Immediately she felt more cheerful. She already knew deep down that Gu Yanhao would not treat her cruelly.

A tiny frown appeared on Song Wuyou’s brows as a dim light flitted across her bright eyes.


Just as the reporters were in a dilemma as to whether they should ask Gu Yanhao more questions, suddenly the ear-piercing noise of tires screeching sounded. The sudden interruption drew all of the reporter’s’ attention at once. A sleek Pagani sports car swerved to a sharp stop in front of the Gu Group’s building.

Seeing this extremely luxurious and cool sports car, everyone brightened except Gu Yanhao and Song Wuyou.

This sports car runs at least thirty million, right? The person that can afford this beauty must be extremely wealthy ah!

The drivers side door opened and a silhouette emerged from within. The man wore khaki pants and shiny white leather shoes, paired with a limited edition design white T-shirt. Simple, yet on that man it exuded a unique style. A gentle breeze tousled his hair as if he were a sun god, all things radiant and awesome. (EN: ‘All things radiant and awesome’. I’m putting that on my business cards.)

The man leaned on the hood, emitting a ruffian-like whistle from his mouth.

Beneath the dazzling sunlight, he was dashing with a wicked charm. Peach blossom eyes seemed to send out kilowatts of killer watts that didn’t fail to strike at the cores of the many women gathered around, willingly held captive.

Gu Yanhao frowned, watching him like a hawk.

“Young Master Mu Gu!” One of the reporters exclaimed as he recovered from the awesomeness. His voice jolted the rest from their daze, cameras instantly rushing towards Mu Gu.

“Young Master Mu Gu, is the male in the video really you?” Once again the reporter’s questions shot out like a machine gun.

“Yes.” Mu Gu admitted generously.

Reporter: “Then who is the woman together with you?”

Mu Gu flashed a devilish smile, “Of course it cannot be Mrs. Gu.”

Reporter: “Who is she? Can you reveal her identity?”

Mu Gu’s grinned widely as he answered, “Of course.”

Boom! Song Jiuyue’s mind felt as if a thunderbolt struck out of nowhere. She stared at Mu Gu nervously, her face was already pale white.

Mu Gu’s answer lit up a feverish light in the reporters, “Who was it?”

“All of you are stupid, cannot distinguish between real and fake.” A sentence one couldn’t make head or tails of suddenly came from Mu Gu’s lips.


The reporters looked at each other; What’s going on?

“The woman in the video is tall and curvy, with wavy, curly hair, too. Look at Mrs. Gu. Her body is like a bean sprout, and her hair is long and straight ‘til her bottom. Isn’t it obvious that she is not that person?”

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