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Chapter 179: She’s The Woman In The Video

Song Wuyou’s clear sharp eyes turned to Mu Gu. Her hair merely reached her waist. How did it come to reach her butt in Mu Gu’s mouth? However, Mu Gu’s words, she liked.

After hearing Mu Gu’s words, the reporters and surrounding people quickly glanced in Song Wuyou’s direction. And it was exactly as Mu Gu had said. Although Mrs. Gu has a nice figure, she was neither tall nor curvaceous. Long silken hair fell to her waist like  waterfall, like an amorous Aphrodite.

“Moreover…” Mu Gu’s eyebrow arched up, adding a degree of suave romance to his appearance. Pausing midway, deliberately taunting the reporters’ appetite, luring their attention back to himself.

Mu Gu’s roguish bad-boy demeanor made the opposite sex blush.

This man is too seductive!

“Moreover what?” One of the female reporters – baited – asked.

A knowing smile appeared on Mu Gu’s face as he looked at the female reporter. Having Mu Gu focused on her, the female reporter blushed and immediately lowered her head shyly.

“Didn’t any of you notice in the video that on the side of the woman’s thigh there was a tattoo?” This… the reporters really didn’t notice this detail.

Song Jiuyue nearly jumped out of her skin at Mu Gu’s words, quickly checking the view of her thigh. Fortunately she was wearing long pants today, covering her legs. At the same time, Song Wuyou slightly shifted her position so that she could get a glimpse of Song Jiuyue’s nervous reactions, and the corner of her lips curved into a faint smile.

When Song Jiuyue looked up again, her eyes inevitably sought Gu Yanhao once more, but when she detected the faint smirk on Song Wuyou’s lips, Song Jiuyue felt as if someone was squeezing her heart mercilessly in their palm.  Rage exploded from her toes and rose to her chest.

Reporter: “Can you tell us your relation to the women in the video?”

Mu Gu: “Lovers.”

Reporter: “Is she Mrs. Gu’s close relative? They have such a resemblance.”

Mu Gu: “You bunch of idiotic little devils, the face in the video was tampered with.”

The reporters looked shocked.

Mu Gu continued: “Somebody wants to ruin Mrs. Gu’s reputation.”

After a brief moment of shock, one of the reporters pursued, “Then what does the woman in the video really look like?” How similar were they, to be able to make her look like Mrs. Gu with merely some touching up.

Mu Gu’s eyes narrowed into two slits, watching Song Jiuyue standing not far away. Panicked, Song Jiuyue hid her body behind the Roman style pillar, wishing, praying the reporters did not notice her presence.

Reporters were, by nature, a bunch of nosy people with keen senses. In less than a heartbeat, following where Mu Gu’s gaze fell, they caught sight of Song Jiuyue.

Song Jiuyue’s tension rose sky high. Her heart felt like it was stuck in her throat, and tiny beads of sweat emerged on her forehead.  Sensing the reporters sharp gazes, she tried to hide herself further back behind the Roman style pillar.

Reputation was something she relied heavily upon. If the masses ever found out that woman in the video was her, how could she live it down? Fear, apprehension, yet even more than these two emotions were anger. Unconsciously, she bit into her lips to still herself, while anger made her eyes see red.

She directed a pleading gaze in Gu Yanhao’s direction, hoping that he would look her way, but he did not, instead holding Song Wuyou’s hand while he glared rather sharply at Mu Gu instead.

“Ei, Miss Song’s silhouette looks similar to the woman in the video.” The reporter felt as if a clue had been revealed.

When the reported said that, all eyes sharpened critically, eyes burning as if they wanted to see through Song Jiuyue. Song Jiuyue looked woefully at Mu Gu, biting pitifully on her lips.

The damn man!

“Baby, why aren’t you coming out?” Mu Gu suddenly waved his hand towards his sports car, and the passenger door opened.  A young woman in a super-short pink mini skirt alighted from the seat, sharp high heeled stilettos on her feet, long wavy curls falling down on her tall, curvaceous figure.

Sashaying her hips, she looked over at Mu Gu and came to stand beside him. A hand naturally wrapped around Mu Gu’s neck as she sent Mu Gu a spoiled, blaming look, “Why are you so hateful, forcing me to come out?”

Mu Gu’s hand rose to pinch her cheek lovingly before turning towards the reporters once again, “She’s the woman in the video, my girlfriend.”

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