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Chapter 18: He Doesn’t Love You,  Don’t Trap Yourself in a Maze

“Anmei Group is not bad either. Their spokesperson even declared that they will surely defeat Gu Group.” Somewhere in the store, a sales advisor said.

Song Jiumei’s chin was tilted even higher, underestimating the competitor, and said, “That Anmei Group, relying on their level of ability and they dare to challenge Gu Group? Did they forget who is Gu Group’s Chief Designer?”

Hearing this, Song Wuyou snorted, harrumphing coldly.

Song Wuyou had a vague smile on her face as she continued on watching Song Jiuyue on the television. That Song Jiuyue on television looked even better than she actually did in person.

The kind of woman Song Jiuyue was, undoubtedly categorized as a fine lady. And in everyone’s mind, only a lady such as she was, who could match up to Gu Yanhao.

However, Song Wuyou was well aware that the smiling Song Jiuyue was actually a scary person.

“Song Wuyou, there is another thing I forgot to tell you.” Song Jiumei suddenly turned her body around and said.

“My dajie said that as long as she wins the first place in this year’s competition, Old Grandfather Gu would agree for her to get engaged with Young Master Gu.”

“What does it has to do with me?” Song Wuyou retorted sarcastically.

That demeanor, that look; it was insufferably arrogant and ostentatious. It was fully displaying Song Wuyou’s indifference on the matter regarding Song Jiuyue getting together with Gu Yanhao.

“…………” Song Jiumei was dumbfounded by Song Wuyou’s reaction: ‘What does this have to do with her?’

The times when Gu Yanhao wanted to divorce her, had not she wanted to die on the spot?

Had she not used to flip the earth over every time she saw Young Master Gu and dajie together like an aunty at the fish market?

What was with that indifferent expression on her face?

Was she putting on an act?

Song Jiumei observed Song Wuyou closely. However, it did not appear like she was putting on an act ah.


Coming out of the shopping mall, Song Wuyou and Xu Jing hailed a cab back to the villa.

“Miss, if Old Master really stopped your allowance, what would you do?” on the entire journey home, Xu Jing had a worried expression plastered on her face.

“Go on.” Song Wuyou laughed.

“How can we live without money?” Xu Jing’s brows were tightly knitted together.


“Miss, do you really, really, really love Young Master Gu?” Xu Jing asked out if nowhere as she looked at Song Wuyou earnestly.

Song Wuyou smiled and replied with another question, “What do you think?”

“You really, truly, dearly love him! But, he doesn’t love you.”

“…………..” this, even she herself knew, the reminder was unnecessary.

“Miss, since Young Master Gu doesn’t love you, then don’t trap yourself in a maze.”

“………..” Song Wuyou waited for the next one before voicing her thoughts.

“Young Master Gu doesn’t love you. But he’s giving you so much money for the divorce… why don’t you just agree?”

“Xu Jing, are you afraid that you will die of hunger if you came with me?” Song Wuyou stared at Xu Jing and inquired.

“No!” Xu Jing shook her head vehemently, “I can always look for a job. I’m just concern about you.”

“Don’t worry, I have a sense of proportion.” Song Wuyou smiled comfortingly.

Back in the villa.

Gu Yanhao was sitting in the living room with one long leg crossed over the other. It was such a lazing stance that he sat on the sofa while going through Song Jiuyue’s latest design sketches.

He placed a very high importance in this year’s international fashion design competition.

Every design of Song Jiuyue’s, he looked them over very thoroughly and seriously.

Aware of Song Wuyou’s return, he took a glance at her at the doorway.

Dressed in the same simple purple dress that he had seen her in the morning. But looking at it again, it still made him feel amazed.

As if the current her looked different from how she had been in the morning.

Though he, himself, could not tell what the difference was.

Song Wuyou changed into her indoor slippers and walked into the house, only giving him a fleeting glance before Song Wuyou totally ignoring him. She went by without any greetings and went straight up to the second floor.

Coincidentally, her eyes fell upon the design sketches and her pace slowed before it gradually halted. Eyes stared solely on the designs.

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